If Peter the Jew and a disciple of Yahushua found it difficult at times to understand the writings of Paul, is it surprising then to find the anti-Torah 'Christian' ministers base their position on their faulty understanding of Galatians? Even amongst the Torah-observant community, there is a lack of clarity on Paul's intended message. We praise Father Yahuwah for using Brother Tom Martincic to provide the clearest interpretation of Paul's message. Click here to listen to these 5 episodes, and we recommend listening to them in their given order. You will never again be confused about the subject of circumcision. WE ARE OVERJOYED & MOST THANKFUL TO YAHUWAH's HOLY SPIRIT FOR HELPING US COMPREHEND The GALATIAN MESSAGE.
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The WLC team is seeking the help of the community in a very important matter. It is our sincere prayer that you can……
Apr 08, 2022
"Hear, O Israel! Yahuwah our Elohim is one!" This was the creed of Yahushua, but is it YOUR creed? Here are some ha……
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Mar 25, 2022
How it is that the true gospel of the coming Kingdom of Yahuwah can actually change lives? How is it that this part……
Mar 18, 2022
18/We praise Yahuwah 4 having led us to a clearer understanding of the MT, and for not allowing us to stumble over……
Mar 05, 2022
17/Certainly not. When we understand clearly that the ‘atonement’ does not only mean purging from sin, but also the……
Mar 05, 2022
16/Hebrews 10:4 states "it is impossible for the blood of bulls & goats to take away sins." Yet, Levitical sacrific……
Mar 05, 2022
15/Likewise, to ignore Ez 40-48 b/c it references the establishment of animal sacrifices to provide atonement & cer……
Mar 05, 2022
14/What we may think about the Trumpets will not change the Father’s plan regarding the sounding of these Trumpets.……
Mar 05, 2022
13/Very few professed followers of Yahuwah believe in the end time events revealed to us in book of Revelation, esp……
Mar 05, 2022
12/It is most foolish not to take the Bible literally. Yahuwah means what He says & says what HE means. As obedient……
Mar 05, 2022
Yahushua was brought into existence by Yahuwah in a fabulously unique way. What confidence all of this should inspi……
Mar 04, 2022
18/We praise Yahuwah 4 having led us to a clearer understanding of the MT, and for not allowing us to stumble over……
Feb 18, 2022
17/Certainly not. When we understand clearly that the ‘atonement’ does not only mean purging from sin, but also the……
Feb 18, 2022

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