Important for His people to know
Satan erected the globe model on many layers of lies and deceptions. One of Satan's critical players to build up the globe deception in people's minds in the last century was 33 Degree Freemason Admiral Richard Byrd. This man encountered the dome in his Antarctica expeditions, and instead of proclaiming the dome's existence, he spread more layers of deception to hide Yah's firmament. Watch this video to uncover the evil perpetrated by this 'much acclaimed' explorer. 
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Feb 20, 2021

The KJV audio Bible (free download)

The KJV audio Bible This is your place to download the audio version of the King James Bible. Enjoy listening to Yahuwah's word each day on your mp3 player. Each book is packed into a WinZip file which ranges from 1Mb to 44Mb. Users with high speed internet access and plenty of space on their hard drives can download the entire bible in just one WinZip file of 896Mb
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The Old Testament of the KJV Bible

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Numbers (Downloads: 3531)
Deuteronomy (Downloads: 3544)
Joshua (Downloads: 3238)
Judges (Downloads: 3092)
Ruth (Downloads: 2879)
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2 Samuel (Downloads: 2632)
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2 Kings (Downloads: 2519)
1 Chronicles (Downloads: 2411)
2 Chronicles (Downloads: 2316)
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Nehemiah (Downloads: 2249)
Esther (Downloads: 2240)
Job (Downloads: 2606)
Psalms (Downloads: 7546)
Proverbs (Downloads: 4683)
Ecclesiastes (Downloads: 2450)
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Isaiah (Downloads: 3271)
Jeremiah (Downloads: 2502)
Lamentations (Downloads: 1949)
Ezekiel (Downloads: 2366)
Daniel (Downloads: 2877)
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Micah (Downloads: 1752)
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Habakkuk (Downloads: 1786)
Zephaniah (Downloads: 1771)
Haggai (Downloads: 1836)
Zechariah (Downloads: 2006)
Malachi (Downloads: 2030)

The New Testament of the KJV Bible

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Colossians (Downloads: 2326)
1 Thessalonians (Downloads: 2105)
2 Thessalonians (Downloads: 2012)
1 Timothy (Downloads: 2115)
2 Timothy (Downloads: 2027)
Titus (Downloads: 2016)
Philemon (Downloads: 1975)
Hebrews (Downloads: 2671)
James (Downloads: 2451)
1 Peter (Downloads: 2233)
2 Peter (Downloads: 2037)
1 John (Downloads: 2436)
2 John (Downloads: 2082)
3 John (Downloads: 2164)
Jude (Downloads: 2451)
Revelation (Downloads: 4680)