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Rules of Conduct

altWelcome to WorldsLastChance.com! WorldsLastChance.com is a moral site, committed to a very highest standard of morality possible, in preparation for Yahushua's soon second coming.





Rules of Conduct: Site-Wide

By registering as a member of WorldsLastChance.com, you agree that you will not display content, or engage in any activity, that:
  • is illegal, or advocates illegal acts
  • exploits or endangers a minor.
  • compromises anyone's privacy by using or revealing personal information
  • condones or may provoke violence toward any individual or group on the basis of age, disability, gender, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation, even if religiously motivated.
  • is vulgar or violent
  • violates intellectual property rights or
  • may cause or encourage substantial harm or damage to WorldsLastChance.com or its members.

Furthermore you agree that you will not permit anyone else to display such words or images, or engage in such activity, on any WorldsLastChance.com pages you control such as your profile, etc…

The above rules apply to your activity and content anywhere on the WorldsLastChance.com website, including articles, forums (when ever used), profiles, journals, groups, photos, videos, audio, etc.

We will not censor members for expressing an opinion, within the limits of these Rules of Conduct. To maintain a welcoming and safe community in keeping with the site's namesake, we cannot permit behavior that conflict with the high morals of our Lord Yahushua. WorldsLastChance.com has the right, to remove or move any member-generated content for any reason, without notice.

The Rules of Conduct below apply to the public community areas of WorldsLastChance.com, such as message boards, public media, etc…, and to member-controlled personal pages such as blogs and profiles, etc… Courtesy: You agree that you will be courteous to others. Do not make negative personal remarks about another's age, disability, gender, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, intelligence, character, appearance, health, mental health, education or any other personal characteristic.

  • Detractors: You agree not to use WorldsLastChance.com community functions primarily to harass any person, group, or entity.
  • Disruptive behavior: You agree not to disrupt or interfere with other community functions
  • Solicitation: You agree not to use WorldsLastChance.com to advertise or solicit on behalf of commercial, religious, or charitable organizations, causes, products or services.
  • Copying messages: You agree not to post or forward transcripts of e-mail or testimonies posted in any format without the author's express permission.
  • Use of code: You agree not to upload or link to any other code, tags, scripts, animations, file or program. You agree not to post content that is visually disruptive.
  • Surveys: Researchers and writers who wish to survey WorldsLastChance.com members must obtain WorldsLastChance.com's permission before doing so.
  • Your contact information: You agree to provide a valid e-mail address in your WorldsLastChance.com profile at all times. (It will not be displayed to others.)
  • Impersonation: You agree not to impersonate or spoof WorldsLastChance.com members.
  • Complaints: If there are problems, we want to know about them so that we can fix them. Please report complaints and problems appropriately. Do not post complaints on the site; they will be removed. The only appropriate way to report complaints and problems is to use the "report a problem" link.
  • Minors: You agree that you will not invite a minor on WorldsLastChance.com to contact you for any reason.

In addition:

  • These Rules of Conduct apply to anything on WorldsLastChance.com, including posts, screen names, member profiles, discussion titles, or any other text or images.
  • We have the right to suspend or terminate your membership for violation of the above rules.
  • We have the right to re-use any member-created content (along with the username of the WorldsLastChance.com member who posted it) somewhere else on the site or in any other medium.
  • Caution: Potentially WorldsLastChance.com forums and blogs are public (though currently there is no plan to offer either), and may be indexed by Google and other search engines, we advise members against revealing any personal information. If you choose to display your e-mail address, name, telephone number or location to other members, please be aware that WorldsLastChance.com has no control over who uses your information or for what purpose.

Please check these guidelines periodically as they may be revised for the protection of our valued members. If you come across any violations to this covenant, do not hesitate to let us know. We'll be happy to address your concerns. Please check these guidelines periodically as they may be revised for the protection of our valued members.

If you come across any violations to this covenant, do not hesitate to let us know at [email protected]WorldsLastChance.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We'll be happy to address your concerns.

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