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The Pilgrim's Progress Part II

Download the audio version of the The Pilgrim's Progress | Part II - Christiana! Enjoy listening to Christiana's Epic Journey each day on your mp3 player. Each track is packed into a WinZip file, or you may choose to download all tracks at once. You also have the ability to stream it and listen online. Just click on the play buttons. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Christiana, being written by John Bunyan in 1684, does espouse a few doctrinal errors, such as the Trinity, Sunday worship, and the wrong Names for the Father & Son. However, Bunyan was being faithful to the precious Light that he was given. The spiritual lessons contained herein and his spiritual discernment of how to overcome Satan and his temptations showed Divine wisdom and direction from which we can all learn.

The Pilgrim's Progress
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Part II: Christiana
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