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Pagan Origins of the Modern Calendar eCourse

Pagan Origins of the Modern Calendar eCourseThis important eCourse will show that Christians today worship on Saturday or Sunday because they believe those days are the Biblical seventh and first days of the week. The fact that no days of the week were lost when the Julian calendar transitioned into the Gregorian calendar is used as proof that the modern week, Sunday through Saturday, has come down unchanged since Creation. However, the facts of the Julian calendar itself prove that this assumption is wrong. While the modern week is the same length as the Biblical week, it is founded upon a pagan week, not the Biblical week. Furthermore, the pagan week has a continuous cycle while the Biblical weeks restart at each New Moon. It is impossible to find the true day of Yahushua’s resurrection or the true Biblical Sabbath using the Julian calendar or its modern Gregorian equivalent. {6 lessons: 150 WLC Points}.
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  • The Pagan Origins of the Modern Calendar eCourse
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