The Way

Taoism Yin-Yang Symbol

Taoists seek to live in peaceful harmony with the people and the natural world surrounding them.  They do this by working to bring themselves in line with the Way (Tao).  As sincere as Taoists are, they hold a number of errors.

Following is a partial list of the errors that prevent Taoists from finding the true peace and harmony they desire:

  1. Immortality is a giftGood works cannot earn it.
  2. Humans have a fallen nature.  Therefore, it is impossible by their own efforts to attain moral advancement, longevity or immortality.

The Tao-Te Ching hints at the existence of the Creator, stating that the Tao is “something formlessly fashioned, that existed before Heaven and Earth . . . Its name we do not know; Tao is the byname we give it.  Were I forced to say to what class of things it belongs I should call it Immense.” 

The Creator invites Taoists to join with Him in a personal relationship and learn of Him who is theonly Way, the true way to peace and harmony.