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Welcome to World's Last Chance, Beloved! Heaven is rejoicing that you had the courage to come to here after seeing the ad. May this be the first step in a deeper understanding of our Loving Heavenly Father and His Blessed Son, and Their plan for your life, to give you a future and a hope! (Jeremiah 29:11)

We are fully aware that the claims in the ad can seem outlandish, crazy, and even scary! Beloved, He has given us this knowledge not to scare us. Rather so that when it begins to take place, we may believe and not be decieved. This is our passion: to share Biblical Truth, no matter the cost. Please, take some time and read over the content here. See for yourself the plans our Loving Heavenly Father has for you!

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The 7 Trumpets

The Second Coming

The Beasts of Revelation

Heaven's Calendar

Mark of the Beast

Winds of Doctrine


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Proclaiming Heaven's Message: