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"But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." (Proverbs 4:18, KJV)

At WLC, it is our goal to always "follow the Lamb wherever he goes," (Rev. 14:4) be the cost what it may.

Year 2022:

12/31/2022 - We give all thanks and praise to Yahuwah for His increasing light and remain at His feet anticipating more - just as He has promised ...

But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day Proverbs 4:18.

Even now we can see how things are shaping up. Russia’s prophesied allies will be Armenia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya and Iran. All but one of them, as of this point, are officially allied with Russia! We’re getting close..

The note copied below is added to our relevant content. Kindly alert us of any other location you consider it fit.

We no longer believe that pope Francis is the Eighth king. However, we continue to believe that the seven mountains/kings are seven popes, with the now-deceased Pope Benedict XVI being the seventh king. The change in our understanding is primarily due to recently gained knowledge of the final events foretold by Prophet Ezekiel. After Yahuwah powerfully intervenes to destroy the armies of Russia, Turkey, and Iran in the mountains of Israel, it will take Israel seven years [Ezekiel 39:9] to clear the land from all of the military equipment of the defeated armies. Suppose we add to this period the time needed for Russia to complete its destruction of Ukraine and the demilitarization of NATO. In that case, we arrive at a longer timeline than the current age of Pope Francis can permit.

Furthermore, the phrase [Rev. 17:11] describing the ‘Eighth as one of the seven’ perplexes us. One possible speculation of this divine riddle may be that the pope that will come after Francis may be the long-thought-of demon impersonation of John Paul II. If this were to happen, it would fit the description that the Eighth is indeed one of the seven. Thus, Pope Francis is a transitional pope because he is not one of the seven.

It makes more sense that the impersonation of John Paul II is delayed because the world’s stage is not entirely ready for the confluence of the final events that will concurrently unfold on several fronts, climaxing with the return of Yahushua.

We are as eager as ever for the return of Yahushua to rule the nations of the world from Jerusalem. But we can’t trump Yahuwah’s timeline.

Year 2019:

12/6/2019 - Regarding the relationship between the church and Israel, WLC no longer subscribes to the replacement theology teaching, a teaching promoted by the Catholic Church, Seventh-day Adventists, and many other denominations. We now believe that the church is synonymous with remnant Israel (a spiritual entity built on faith in Yahushua’s atoning work), and made up of Gentile believers and Jewish believers alike, on an equal basis.

8/7/2019 - WLC now believes that Yahushua did not pre-exist as a person or being, but was begotten by Yahuwah when conceived in Mary's womb. "The WORD/LOGOS of Yahuwah became flesh." (Therefore, wherever possible, we refer to his "return" rather than his "Second Coming" as already exists in some of our older content.)

8/7/2019 - WLC radically updates "Our Beliefs" to reflect advancing light.

5/19/2019 - WLC discards the teaching that the Millennial Kingdom will be in heaven and adopts the position that this kingdom will be established on earth.

2/10/2019 - WLC reaffirms its position as a "Bible alone" ministry and intensifies efforts to spread the good news of "justifation by faith."

1/20/2019 - WLC no longer believes the "investigative judgment" to be Biblical.

Year 2018:

12/23/2018 - WLC discards the erronious pre-incarnate Christ doctrine in favor of the Biblical unitarian doctrine. See details: The Trinity doctrinal error (content directory)

12/15/2018 - WLC no longer believes in the divine credentials of Ellen G. White.

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