Whom Do You Worship?

Beware of worshipping the God of Ellen White and Trinitarians. Her god has a divine son who is 'equal with God, infinite and omnipotent.' We worship, instead, the God of Yahushua. Even though Yahushua was Yahuwah's Messiah, the highest level of agency ever reached by any being, thus enabling him to do the works of Yahuwah and teach His words, He never considered himself equal to the Father. He kept reminding us that the Father was greater than him. He also confirmed that he could do nothing independently, for he depended entirely on Yahuwah. At WLC, we are consumed with worshiping the God of Yahushua and denouncing the god of Ellen White and the Trinitarians. The efforts many have undertaken over time to promote her as Yahuwah's messenger/spokesperson for these last days are deplorable. Such hapless efforts mislead millions worldwide into worshiping Ellen White's false and non-existent god. Click here to familiarize yourself with 8 verses affirming Yahushua's God.

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Premilenialismo o Postmilenialismo: ¿Cuál es la gran diferencia?

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Premilenialismo o Postmilenialismo: ¿Cuál es la gran diferencia?
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