Most Important Truth! We have much content, yet if we are asked to point to the most important truth that sums it all it will be this sermon, which is a non-WLC sermon. We obsessively search always for a deeper understanding of His truth wherever we may find it, fully convinced that Father Yahuwah uses countless fallible mortals to highlight certain elements of His truth, and we have to be open-minded and teachable to learn from other Yahuwah-fearing mortals, even when they espouse errors in some of their other teachings. There is no mortal whose all of his teachings are in full harmony with the Scriptures. Click here to feast on this sermon and to internalize its truth.
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십자가에 못 박힌 것은 무엇인가? | 골로새서 2장 이해하기

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십자가에 못 박힌 것은 무엇인가?

  • 골로새서 2장 – 해답
  • 십자가에 못 박힌 것은 무엇인가?
  • “손으로 쓴 것의 요구 사항들”은 무엇인가?
  • 야후슈아 안에서 자유하다는 의미는?
  • “아무도 먹는 것이나 마시는 것이나, . . . 월삭이나
    안식일에 관하여 너희를 판단하지 못하게 하라”는 의미는?

이 비디오에서 :
골로새서 2장에 관한 성경적 연구

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바울 & 갈라디아서: 안식일 & 절기가 십자가에 못 박혔는가?
속보! 짐승의 우상이 지금 조성되고 있다!
독립 사역으로 얽힌: 어둠의 위험 속에서!
할례 & 피 언약
주의하라! 7 나팔이 곧 울린다!
부활: 부활절? 아니면 초실절?
편히 잠들다
다니엘 12 장은 재림이 언제 발생하는지 밝힌다!
늦은 비가 지금 내리고 있다!
아마겟돈 전쟁
야후와의 의로움 얻기: 복음의 믿음이 이해되다!
월삭: 창조주의 선물