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Most members of the WLC team were former members of the SDA Church. Some of us were third and fourth-generation SDAs. To break loose of this bondage was only possible through the empowering of the Holy Spirit. It was not a light matter to find out that the gospel promoted by Ellen White differed from the gospel presented by Yahushua and the disciples. Since there is only one true gospel, we chose to follow Yahushua’s gospel and worship His God instead of the Trinitarian god promoted by the SDA Church. Ellen White’s ‘Jesus’ is also not the Yahushua of the Bible. Hers was the incarnate divine being who had a dual nature. For those still in doubt about the importance of escaping all forms of denominationalism and elitism to walk in the footsteps of Master Yahushua, we urge you to click here to listen to this critical presentation from Brother Tom Martincic.
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連在一起的三個月 | 預告片

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連在一起的三個月 | 預告片

  • 現代的羅馬日曆是假冒的日曆
  • 星期日不是聖經中的安息日
  • 星期六不是聖經中的安息日
  • 經文描繪了連在一起的相同的三个月
  • 周循環重新開始于每一個月朔
  • 安息日在每月都是一樣的日期

連在一起的三個月 — 七個視頻系列介紹。

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