Justification [J] vs. Sanctification [S]
Christ's Gospel [G] was about announcing the imminent establishment of Yah's Kingdom [K] on Earth. After His resurrection and for 40 days, He kept explaining to His disciples the need to proclaim this [G]. This they did. Enter Paul, who has focused on the Gospel of Justification [GoJ], which is that part of Yahushua's [G] that the people could now comprehend after the death and resurrection of Christ. Paul explained that anyone aspiring to become an eternal citizen of the [K] needs to be righteous, and the only way to become righteous is by believing in Christ's vicarious death. In other words, Paul explained how we become citizens of the [K]. So, the [GoJ] is integral to the [G] of the [K]. Click here to listen to Dr. Desmond Ford's 3-minute audio clip, as he eloquently explains convincingly that the [GoJ] alone is the key to eternal life, not [J] plus [S]. Keep listening to this audio clip until its truth sinks in. Once it sinks in, you will be overjoyed with the assurance of eternal life, and your life will start showing the fruits of believing in Christ's righteousness, leading to a sanctified life.
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為陰曆安息日辯護 | 第一部分

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為陰曆安息日辯護 | 第一部分

  • 天父亞乎我(Yahuwah)會允許安息日被遺失嗎?
  • 周循環曾經被中斷過嗎?
  • 在兩個安息日之間有8-9天嗎?
  • 約翰福音7-9章能夠證明星期六是安息日嗎?
  • 猶太人不在真正的安息日敬拜嗎?
  • 聖經真的維護了陰曆安息日嗎?


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