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Please note: In many cases, the authors of these studies are at odds with WLC on important fundamental teachings. For example, not all of these works advocate the following Biblical doctrines:

However, this should not prevent us from being blessed by their writings, where they are deemed to be in harmony with Scripture. Thus, endorsing part of their writings is in no way an endorsement of all that they stand for.

Important Luni-Solar Resources ( Total Studies:  34 )
# Title  ( Click to Download ) Download
1 100 Bible Facts Concerning the Sabbath 995
2 15 tests for determining the true Biblical Calendar versus Satan's Bogus or Counterfeit Calendar 1203
3 A Case for the Lunar Sabbath: Rebuttal to Angel Rodriguez of the SDA Biblical Research Institute 997
4 Biblical Calendar vs Counterfeit Papal Gregorian Calendar 659
5 Did the change in calendar affect the weekly Sabbath? 832
6 Different types of Sabbatarianism 810
7 Does Paul Condemn Observing Holy Days 405
8 History of the Lunar Sabbath in Adventism 315
9 Image and Mark of the Beast 389
10 Introduction to the Creator's Calendar versus Satan's Calendar 745
11 Letter to an SDA Pastor on the Lunar Solar Calendar versus the Gregorian Calendar 798
12 Reproving the Biblical Calendar 228
13 Reproving The Day 190
14 Sabbath calendar booklet 5078
15 Sabbath Facts 318
17 Scriptural evidence that New Moon is the begining of the lunar month 825
18 Similarities and differences between the Biblical Calendar versus the 4 types of Roman Calendar that existed from 45 B.C. to 1582 743
19 Special Message for Saturday Sabbatarian Feast Keepers 883
20 The Creator's Calendar versus Satan's Calendar. Which do you live by? 917
21 The Final Call | The Biblical Sabbath & the Calendar 1610
22 Understanding Creator's Calendar (especially for SDAs) 2595
23 What Was Nailed To The Cross? 315
24 When was Yahushua Crucified? 331
25 Yahuwah's Calendar...Solar or Lunar? 837
26 7000-Year Bible Chronology 4394
27 Calendar Change Threatens Religion 3341
28 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it... 2706
29 The True Sabbath 2059
30 Midday in the Bible: Was God Confused? 2315
31 The Great Calendar Controversy 3061
32 The Law in Colossians 3607
33 3 Days & 3 Nights: Sign of Jonah 2930
34 A “thirteenth month” is located in Scripture. 2266