Russia's victory over Ukraine
Russia will have a decisive victory over Ukraine and the collective west. Ignore mainstream perennial anti-Russia hatred propaganda, and pay close attention to what Prophet Ezekiel foretold us 2600 years ago under divine inspiration about the ultimate fate of Russia. It will be in the mountains of Israel when Yahuwah inflicts a fatal defeat and a terminal blow to Russia and its allied forces [Turkey, Iran, Sudan, and Libya]. This war on the nation of Israel that Russia will soon wage against Israel is not to be confused with the battle of Armageddon, which the antichrist will orchestrate. Click here to listen to this critical Bible study by Keith Malcomson on this timely subject.

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Peter said that there was a yoke that "...neither we nor our fathers were able to bear." What was it? Do we only need to observe 4 commandments from the law?
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