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Your Grace Still Amazes Me | Fountainview Academy | Official Phillips Craig and Dean Cover
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Partly because of an awful translation by the NIV, many Christians are led to believe that the law has been abolished. But a closer examination of the text not only reveals the opposite, but also proclaims that all believers in Messiah are joined with Israel!
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Torah Observant Christianity | Frequently Asked Questions
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How I Became a Torah Observant Christian
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Walk through the Scriptures with Rabbi Steve Berkson as he teaches about these emotional and critical subjects as you have never heard it taught before.
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In Exodus 4, there's a strange event when God gets angry at Moses, enough to almost kill him.  Zipporah, Moses' wife, saves the day when she circumcises their son and lays the foreskin on Moses' feet.  What is that all about?
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Peter said that there was a yoke that "...neither we nor our fathers were able to bear." What was it? Do we only need to observe 4 commandments from the law?
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"Why We All MUST Wear Tassels (Tzitzit)" - 11/8/14 (08/15) Broadcast
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Galatians Proves that we Should Observe the Torah (Law) - Part 5
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Galatians Proves that we Should Observe the Torah (Law) - Part 4
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Galatians Proves that we Should Observe the Torah (Law) - Part 3
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Galatians Proves that we Should Observe the Torah (Law) - Part 2
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Galatians Proves that we Should Observe the Torah (Law) - Part 1
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Viewing Scripture through the indoctrinated lens of dispensationalism has become the most common theological framework in mainstream Christianity.
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Dustin has Flat Earth Dave on to discuss the shape of the planet. Why we were taught a lie, who told us the lie, and why they told us that lie.
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We have enough people awake, aware and with the knowledge they need to wake up the entire world is a very short time. Use any technique you can to help educate the world on where they actually live.
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نقد نصوص ألوهية المسيح - أعمال الرسل 20 / 28 كنيسة الله التي اقتناها بدمه
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