While WLC continues to uphold the observance of the Seventh-Day Sabbath, which is at the heart of Yahuwah's moral law, the 10 Commandments, we no longer believe that the annual feast days are binding upon believers today. Still, though, we humbly encourage all to set time aside to commemorate the yearly feasts with solemnity and joy, and to learn from Yahuwah’s instructions concerning their observance under the Old Covenant. Doing so will surely be a blessing to you and your home, as you study the wonderful types and shadows that point to the exaltation of Messiah Yahushua as the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, and the Lamb of Yahuwah that takes away the sins of the world.
World’s Last Chance
Preparing Hearts and Minds for Yahushua's Sudden Return!

Non-WLC Videos

A look at Matthew 19 and Mark 10. Mark’s account gets left out of just about every lecture on this topic.
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What did the Law of Moses teach about divorce? By comparing a text in Deuteronomy with Yeshua's words to the Pharisees, we begin to see a clear picture of the reason for divorce...
Time: 00:51:03
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When the Pharisees asked Yeshua about divorce he answered their question with a question. He wanted them to see that they had missed an entire teaching section in the Torah, about marriage.
Time: 00:40:12
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In this lesson, I begin covering a topic that is grossly misunderstood due to (1) mistranslations in our English Bibles, and (2) a neglect of the law of Moses.
Time: 00:32:03
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YAHUWAH (Yahuah) bless you and keep you! use his name!
Time: 00:04:47
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The 19th Psalm abounds with geocentric sentiments.
Time: 00:05:23
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Can John's vision of the heavenly city, New Jerusalem, be harmonised with the heliocentric model?
Time: 00:12:08
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''WAY MAKER'' in Hebrew, Arabic & English (Worship by Jews & Arabs)
Time: 00:06:45
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Is He Worthy? // Sounds Like Reign
Time: 00:04:55
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A sermon about fear...
Time: 00:05:45
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Space is made in a Hollywood basement.
Time: 00:04:43
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Are We Spinning?
Time: 00:36:13
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Tips on Talking to Trinitarians about John 1 (By Bill Schlegel)
Time: 01:22:59
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At John 14-16, Yahushua comforts his disciples promising them another Comforter.  Yahuwah will raise Yahushua from the dead to a NEW life, and this other Comforter is Yahushua risen from the dead, the new man and second Adam.
Time: 00:35:08
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The purpose of this documentary is not to provide scientific, practical, or Biblical evidence against heliocentric doctrine. But rather, to trace the presently raging cosmology dispute back to its ancient heritage.
Time: 01:42:45
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In contrast to the deity of Christ claim that Jesus couldn’t be a mere man, the Bible declares explicitly that Jesus had to be a real (mere) human being.
Time: 00:21:46
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Phil Driscol Playing the Shofar like a trumpet
Time: 00:08:26
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“The Blessing” (Live) video by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes.
Time: 00:07:46
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