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We have selected these videos for our members and visitors not because we agree with everything they say, rather because they contain enough truth to make them worthwhile to watch and share. The videos are grouped by subject. We will continue to expand the list of videos, so keep coming to this page to check the latest additions. Your comments on the videos are welcome.

Mid-Air Refueling PROVE a FLAT EARTH

Time: 00:23:55
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5 Facts about the Earth that we didn't learn in school

Time: 00:14:43
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How the biggest deception started and who promoted it, narrated by Johnny Cirucci. From the Holy Roman Empire, to modern times, while explaining the Jesuit connection with Pythagoras, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Einstein, etc.

Time: 00:25:38
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Flat Earth Truth!  So You Think You Live On A Ball?

Time: 00:04:03
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A comprehensive beginners course that thoroughly explains the answers to 21 of the most frequently asked questions about flat earth. Journey through the list from beginning to end while all the "loose ends" are tied up by the time it's over. Share with you friends, family and loved ones. The earth is most definitely flat and it is important for us to understand.

Time: 00:43:25
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Daytime Lunar Eclipse Footage Debunks The Ball Earth - The Flat Earth Reality   

Time: 00:09:05
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Time: 00:19:08
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The Man Who Saw The Flat Earth: Auguste Piccard

Time: 00:14:11
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Rob Skiba proves Chicago skyline isn't a mirage - Flat Earth ? Mark Sargent

Time: 00:30:45
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Top Flat Earth Proofs May 2016 by GLOBEBUSTERS

Time: 03:00:41
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Flat Earth & Apollyon's Key - Fire & Ice (Pt 4 [3] )

Time: 00:39:42
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FE & Apollyon's Key Pt 4 [2] - Light Star

Time: 01:06:53
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Pt 4 [1] Flat Earth & Apollyon's Key - Renouncing

Time: 01:23:57
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Flat Earth & Apollyon's Key Pt 3[3] - Lowering the Dome & Piercing the Veil

Time: 00:48:06
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F.E & Apollyon's Key Pt 3 [2] - Master of the 2nd Veil & The Rise of Atlantis

Time: 01:00:50
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NEWS: Flat Earth & Apollo's Key Pt 3.1 - Raiders of the Lost Antarctica

Time: 00:39:24
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Pt 2 [4] - Flat Earth: Gathering Powers (Manifestations beneath the Dome)

Time: 01:02:55
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