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Trinity doctrine is the adoption of full blown Docetic Gnosticism which the apostle John defines as the spirit of the antichrist.
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What is the Hebrew principal of agency? Were the Jews claiming that Jesus was saying he was God in John the 5th chapter?
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What was the glory that Jesus had "before the foundation of the world?
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Who is the Lamb in the book of Revelation? Is the Lamb God? Bill Schlegel brings us a succinct - 9 minute - overview of Jesus and God in the last book of the Bible.
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What is the truth about worshipping Jesus? When is it wrong to worship Jesus? Should we worship Jesus as being God? If Jesus was worshipped in the Bible does that mean he is God?
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Jesus is a worshipper! And, he teaches his people what true worship is. What does it mean to worship in truth? What does it mean to worship in spirit?
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This is the first in J. Dan Gill's "The Complete Series on Biblical Worship." In this opening teaching, we learn that in the Bible there are differing kinds of honor due for different kinds of glory.
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Tips on Talking to Trinitarians about John 1 (By Bill Schlegel)
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At John 14-16, Yahushua comforts his disciples promising them another Comforter.  Yahuwah will raise Yahushua from the dead to a NEW life, and this other Comforter is Yahushua risen from the dead, the new man and second Adam.
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In contrast to the deity of Christ claim that Jesus couldn’t be a mere man, the Bible declares explicitly that Jesus had to be a real (mere) human being.
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نقد نصوص ألوهية المسيح - أعمال الرسل 20 / 28 كنيسة الله التي اقتناها بدمه
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The Human Jesus documentary by Restoration Fellowship
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Duped into Rome's Trinity Idolatry
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According to Yahushua, God is strictly one Person, not three. Christians who value Yahushua as the supreme revealer of truth should consider his classic words, uttered in a final prayer. "You, Father, are the only one who is truly God" (John 17:3). He defined salvation as belief in that One and only true God, and in himself as the Messiah (John 17:3).
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How Yahushua was MADE to pre-exist himself (Anthony F. Buzzard)
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In this video, John Schoenheit examines what the term "Root of David" means and how it relates to Christ Yahushua.
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