Yahushua a [mere] man
When we affirm this fact, we are stating that he had a single nature, which was 100% human. The Bible does not speak about a dual nature Christ, fully divine and fully human. Such teaching is nonsensical, which Trinitarians and Oneness believers promote. WLC has freed itself from these falsehoods. Yahushua was a mere man up to his death. But after Yahuwah raised him from death, He elevated him above all angels and made Him second to Him alone. Such glorification was because he perfectly fulfilled Yahuwah's intent for humanity. Placing our complete trust in this Christ will avail us eternal life. The dual nature christ does not exist anywhere, and those who trust this non-existent [fictional] christ will forfeit their claim to eternal life. Click here to enjoy listening to this lecture on this subject by Bill Schlegel.

Non-WLC Videos

The miracle of the nation of Israel is a reality and a testimony to God’s existence.
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This Nation Has an Invisible Protective Hand Over It | Absolute Proof For The Existence of God
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Berel Wein's groundbreaking documentary "Faith and Fate" captures the two most monumental events in recent Jewish history - the Holocaust and the birth of the State of Israel.
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