Yahushua a [mere] man
When we affirm this fact, we are stating that he had a single nature, which was 100% human. The Bible does not speak about a dual nature Christ, fully divine and fully human. Such teaching is nonsensical, which Trinitarians and Oneness believers promote. WLC has freed itself from these falsehoods. Yahushua was a mere man up to his death. But after Yahuwah raised him from death, He elevated him above all angels and made Him second to Him alone. Such glorification was because he perfectly fulfilled Yahuwah's intent for humanity. Placing our complete trust in this Christ will avail us eternal life. The dual nature christ does not exist anywhere, and those who trust this non-existent [fictional] christ will forfeit their claim to eternal life. Click here to enjoy listening to this lecture on this subject by Bill Schlegel.

Non-WLC Videos

From Protestant-Historicism to Jesuit Dispensationalism & Futurism: Christianity Hijacked!

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The Vatican's military arm = the Society of Jesus or the Jesuits  

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The Jesuit Agenda. Jesuit tentacles reach into the halls of power everywhere, including US Presidents, the military, corporate banking and power brokers worldwide.   

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The full text of the Jesuit Oath of induction. as recorded in the united states library of congress.

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Series exploring the coming New World Order. In this part, further insight into the mind of our enemy and how those under his command deceive themselves first in order to deceive others.  

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Learn the history of the Roman Catholic Church and their militia the Jesuit Order not taught in school textbooks.  

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16th Century Jesuit claims true agenda is to gather wealth and power for the catholic church at the expense of the most vulnerable.  

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The Jesuits (society of Jesus) have totally taken over just about every facet of America. From all religions to all secret societies, government agencies, intelligence agancies in America and all over the world. Here an ex-jesuit priest Alberto Rivera (murdered by the Vatican in 1997 by poisoning) tells of why and how the Jesuits are doing this.  

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Is Satan really in the Catholic Church?  

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JFK obviously warns you about Jesuits...

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William Cooper Warned Us About The Vatican & Jesuits!

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America's true hero who gave his life for us all.  

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The majority of Christians, particularly Protestants, hold to doctrines planted by the Jesuits during the counter-Reformation. This was for the purpose of undermining Protestantism and bringing nations back under papal yoke by altering their view of salvation and of the pope.  

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Roman Catholic Jesuit Priests are a secret society of murders.

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Jesuits Diabolical Foundation Of The NWO

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The Jesuits and the Assassination of President Lincoln

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