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This lecture discusses why the amillennial position is the most biblically accurate eschatological view.
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Does Christ Rule the Nations Now?
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Robert Stearns shares a powerful prophetic dream in November 2007 at a Family Foundations Conference.
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In the final message of "the Battle for the Mind" this message is about the upcoming transhumanism. When the church sees "transhumanism" then be ready for the world is almost over.
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What Is Litecoin (LTC)?
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On this Broadcast we have overwhelming facts that EVERY Protestant needs to read. If the Protestant church of today knew what the Catholic church did in the past regarding the 7th Day Sabbath they would not be worshiping on Sundays today. (NOTE: It was actually a change of calendars, not just a change of days.  Yahuwah's Sabbath can only be found using the lunar-solar calendar established at Creation.)

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USA want Pope to head new World Religion as written in the Bible. The end is near. "When they say peace, peace, then sudden destruction shall come upon them"  

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From Rick Warren to the emergent church, take a look at how their roots and foundations come from marketing and corporations...  

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In this episode we explain the meaning of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States of America in September of 2015 and most important of him addressing a joint session of Congress where he will be speaking “ON BEHALF OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”.  

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Ecumenism: Spiritual Whoredom

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The Disappearing Male is a documentary about one of the most important and least publicized issues facing the human species: the toxic threat to the male reproductive system.  

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 This is absolutely staggering, Scripture is being fulfilled. 

The Living Planet Index (LPI), which measures trends in thousands of vertebrate species populations, shows a decline of 52 per cent between 1970 and 2010. In other words, the number of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish across the globe is, on average, about half the size it was 40 years ago. This is a much bigger decrease than has been reported previously.
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Why Are Millions Of Starfish Dying And Turning Into Goo?  Scientists investigating a huge die-off of starfish along North America's Pacific coast have identified a virus they say is responsible for a calamitous wasting disease that has wiped out millions of the creatures since it first appeared last year.

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Millions of bees mysteriously fell from the sky and wiped out beekeepers' profits in an instant in Canada. The shocking incident came just weeks after genetically modified corn was planted in Ontario, according to the local honey gatherers.  Beekeeper Dave Schuit lost about 37 million bees, which is around 600 hives.  He said "Once the corn started to get planted our bees died by the millions."

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