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If the Bible Says It, We Believe It.

The King James Version (KJV) is mostly used in these lessons. Click here to access the KJV online.
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It is still not exactly clear how almsgiving atones for sin, but it does, based on scripture. It doesn’t take the place of the messiah - obviously - nothing takes the place of what our messiah did for us. But what that does not mean is that other things can't accompany the messiah’s work in some way.

The practice of giving alms helps to get rid of the greed and the evil inside of a person.

Give alms with respect or in consideration of your problem that you have inside then everything will be clean to you.

This might help us understand. It could be that the way it atones for sin is that through giving to the poor regularly as a habit, the more and more we do it the less and less greed and stinginess we have inside. Our hearts begin to be cleansed and purified because we've been giving away our money or other substance to people that are in need.

Our natural man wants to hoard wealth but the scripture teaches that when we have abundance and are blessed, we need to build a bigger table so other people can join us.This may help us with answering how almsgiving atones for sin.

We don't really know how, but whether or not we know, if the bible says it we believe it.

IF we don't put things to practice, it doesn't do any good. You should be a regular giver of alms. Sometimes that might mean money. Sometimes that might be showing kindness.

Sometimes somebody may need some help. Sometimes they might need a cheerful word.

Whatever it is, give it out liberally, blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy.

I need all the mercy I can get, so I'm going to give out all that I have.

This lesson was taken from a non-WLC video by Matthew Janzen: Atoning Almsgiving (Proverbs 15:27, LXX)