While WLC continues to uphold the observance of the Seventh-Day Sabbath, which is at the heart of Yahuwah's moral law, the 10 Commandments, we no longer believe that the annual feast days are binding upon believers today. Still, though, we humbly encourage all to set time aside to commemorate the yearly feasts with solemnity and joy, and to learn from Yahuwah’s instructions concerning their observance under the Old Covenant. Doing so will surely be a blessing to you and your home, as you study the wonderful types and shadows that point to the exaltation of Messiah Yahushua as the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, and the Lamb of Yahuwah that takes away the sins of the world.
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Fasting and Heavenly Treasure (Matthew 6:16-21)

The King James Version (KJV) is mostly used in these lessons. Click here to access the KJV online.
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One way Yahushua teaches we practice our righteousness is by not eating. When is the last time you fasted? This lesson also looks at how we harmonize Yahushua's command to "not store up treasures upon the earth" with all the examples of saints owning earthly possessions. How do we obtain treasure in heaven? How can our heart be in heaven?

"When you fast don't be sad-faced like the hypocrites for they make their faces unattractive so their fasting is obvious to people I assure you they've got their reward. When you fast put oil on your head and wash your face so that you don't show your fasting to people but to your father who is in secret and your father who sees in secret will reward you. Don't collect for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal but collect for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal for where your treasure is there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:16-21)

We don't particularly like to fast because we like to eat. The torah talks about us eating good food but we don't need to always be eating. Sometimes we need to fast. Eating is something that we think about all the time. What am i going to have for breakfast. Where are we going to stop for lunch. What do you want to cook for dinner. When we fast we take away from one of our biggest natural desires. It starves the fleshly person yet it feeds the spiritual person. We need to be in the practice of fasting because we need more of the spirit and we need less of the flesh. We are fleshly, we are human by nature. We can't get rid of that entirely but we can push it down and keep it under subjection by fasting coupled with prayer. Fasting coupled with prayer is a great way to keep your flesh pushed down under subjection to the spirit. A person who prays every day and who fasts regularly will be a more spiritual person. A person who neglects prayer and fasting will be more carnal.

This lesson was taken from a non-WLC video by Matthew Janzen: Matthew 6:16-21 "Fasting and Heavenly Treasure"