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John 17:3 | Exposing the False Trinity Doctrine

The King James Version (KJV) is mostly used in these lessons. Click here to access the KJV online.
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Father... that they may know You, the Only True G-d, and Yahushua Christ whom You sent. (John 17:3)

Proof of the Trinity Error

At John 17:3, Yahushua identifies the only true G-d as the Father [Yahuwah], the G-d whom he reveals to the world. The Trinitarian response is to claim that since the word "only" modifies/qualifies the word "G-d" it does not rule out the possibility that Yahushua, and the Holy Spirit, are also "the only true G-d." And so they like to say in response:

The Father is the only true G-d
The Son is the only true G-d
The Holy Spirit is the only true G-d

In other words, the Trinitarian is admitting that if the word "only" had qualified the word "Father" then yes only the Father would be the one true G-d. But since it does not, the Trinitarian insists that it does not rule out Yahushua and the Holy Spirit from being "the only true G-d" too.

Exposing the Trickery

1. Matthew 24:36

First of all, the above Trinitarian claim must be taken with a grain of salt. At Matthew 24:36, the word "only" DOES modify/qualify the Father and they still deny the obvious implications of the verse - that only the Father [Yahuwah] is omniscient and therefore only the Father is G-d. It says only the Father knows the day and hour. So we can see that even if Yahushua had said, "Father.... this is eternal life, that ONLY You are the true G-d" that such language still wouldn't make any difference to them.

2. Unwitting Admissions of Trinitarian Scholars

In their discussions of John 1:1, Trinitarians scholars admit that the use of a definite article at John 1:1c would have meant Yahushua is the entirety of G-d and such language would exclude everyone else but Yahushua. In fact, according to their own argument, all one would have to say is, "THE Father is THE G-d," and this would exclude absolutely everyone else. The words "only" and "true" would not even be required.

3. Blatant Hypocrisy

Have you ever noticed that Trinitarians will insist that the expression, "G-d sent his only son" means that nobody else is G-d's begotten son and it means that ONLY Yahushua is G-d's begotten son? Please carefully regard the significance of this hypocrisy. On one hand, they insist the words "only Son" do mean that only Yahushua is G-d's own son while at the same time they insist the words "only true G-d" do not mean that only the Father is the true G-d. But the situation is exactly the same. They are talking out of both sides of their mouth. Their claim that "only Son" means only Yahushua is G-d's son betrays the fact that they really do know that John 17:3 is telling us only one person is the only true G-d.

4. The Trinitarian's REAL Problem

The real problem at hand for the Trinitarian is his implied definition of the word "G-d" for this verse. He must attempt to suggestively define the word "G-d" as "the divine ousia" or "the divine nature" since we are here talking about the one G-d and the oneness of Trinitarian doctrine is the divine nature. To define "G-d" as the divine nature here in this verse is the only definition of the word "G-d" which Trinitarians can even attempt.

The Father is the only true [divine nature]
The Son is the only true [divine nature]
The Holy Spirit is the only true [divine nature]

However, this will not even work for them either. For Yahushua to identify the Father as the divine nature would be confusing person and being, a big No-No in Trinitarian doctrine. If the Father is identified as the divine nature that would mean Yahushua's divine nature is the Father.

5. "You" and "the only true G-d" are Necessary Equivalent.

When Yahushua says, "that they may know You, the only true G-d," it is quite clear that he intends to say that one is equivalent to the other. "You" = "the only true G-d." However, the only way Trinitarians can define the word "G-d" is to define it as "the divine nature." But that would imply that "You" and "Only true G-d" are equivalent things confusing the what and the who, person and being. Also, the Father is NOT equivalent to the divine nature since that would mean Yahushua's divine nature is the Father in Trinitarian doctrine. When it is understood how they are suggestively defining their terms, it becomes clear that they are not making any sense.

6. It's Not About Knowing a Nature but an Identity

Yahushua is here referring to knowing G-d the Father [Yahuwah] is a personal and intimate way, a personal relationship with Yahuwah. The words "only true G-d" are a reference to an identity with whom we can have a relationship. We do not have relationships with natures; we have relationships with persons. And the person we are to have a relationship with here is "the only true G-d", that is, the Father.

FATHER... that they may know YOU, THE ONLY TRUE G-d, and Yahushua Christ whom YOU sent.

The words "only true G-d" cannot refer to a divine nature. These words must refer to an identity with whom we can know, that is, with whom we can have an intimate personal relationship. Therefore, just as Trinitarian scholars have already admitted, the Father and "the only true G-d" are co-extensive interchangeable terms and this excludes all but the Father from identity as the only true G-d. To have a relationship with the only true G-d is to have a relationship with the Father. One cannot then say that the only true G-d is also Yahushua with running headlong into the insanity of saying Yahushua is the Father.

7. Yahushua Christ's Only True G-d

At John 20:17, Yahushua makes it quite clear that his G-d is to be our G-d and that G-d [Yahuwah] is his Father. At John 17:3, Yahushua is in prayer to his G-d and Father. His Father is his only true G-d and his only true G-d is his Father [Yahuwah] alone and it is this only true G-d who sent Yahushua as he says here. Yahushua knows nobody else but his Father [Yahuwah] as the true G-d. Hence, we can be certain that when he refers to the Father as "the only true G-d" in prayer that he means only his Father is the true G-d. In fact, Yahushua does not even need to say it. It is plainly evident quite apart from John 17:3 that nobody else but his Father alone is his G-d.


It is quite plain that the Trinitarian trickery here is to suggestively imply a definition of the word "G-d" which means "divine nature" so that they can say all three persons are the only true G-d, that is, all three persons have this one divine nature. However, it is clear that the word "G-d" is not a nature here but an identity, a person, the Father, with whom we have a personal relationship.

Yahushua here identifies his one and only G-d, the Father [Yahuwah] alone, as "the only true G-d," which thereby excludes everyone else including himself.

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