If Peter the Jew and a disciple of Yahushua found it difficult at times to understand the writings of Paul, is it surprising then to find the anti-Torah 'Christian' ministers base their position on their faulty understanding of Galatians? Even amongst the Torah-observant community, there is a lack of clarity on Paul's intended message. We praise Father Yahuwah for using Brother Tom Martincic to provide the clearest interpretation of Paul's message. Click here to listen to these 5 episodes, and we recommend listening to them in their given order. You will never again be confused about the subject of circumcision. WE ARE OVERJOYED & MOST THANKFUL TO YAHUWAH's HOLY SPIRIT FOR HELPING US COMPREHEND The GALATIAN MESSAGE.
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Flat Earth: Letting Go of the Globe!

The King James Version (KJV) is mostly used in these lessons. Click here to access the KJV online.
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“Blessed be the name of Yahuwah forever and ever: for wisdom and might are his…He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.” (Daniel 2:20, 22)

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Anything built on a faulty foundation will inevitably fall.

The leaning Tower of Pisa is an image iconic to Italy. It’s claim to fame: a faulty foundation that caused the tower to lean 5.5 degrees to the side before the latest restoration efforts brought it back to a safer 3.99 degrees. When any edifice is built on a faulty foundation, it will eventually fall.

NASA’s “space program” has been built on a single original lie: the theory that the earth is a ball, circling the sun. It is now time for that lie, and everything built upon it, to fall.

Since its very inception, WLC’s purpose for existence has been to provide a platform for disseminating truth to as many people as possible. More than that, to actively search out truth and share it as it is discovered. To do this effectively, WLC has remained independent of any denominational ties, free to “Prepare a people for the Saviour’s soon return.”

The angel told Daniel that at “the time of the end, many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” (Daniel 12:4) This implied promise of more light to come has inspired the WLC team in their work. This has involved:

  • Staying open to new light. Rejecting nothing without careful and thorough research.
  • Accepting nothing without careful and thorough research. Just because something is new does not automatically make it correct.
  • Teaching the truth, even if teaching the truth requires a public confession that what has been taught in the past was incorrect.

It has been necessary before to correct beliefs based on faulty assumptions. More than once, as new truths have been revealed, the WLC team has had to repent of past erroneous teachings. Now a new concept has arisen: the true form of the earth. This particular topic is unlike any that has gone before. No other truth the WLC team has studied has appeared, at first glance, to so obviously fly in the face of accepted scientific “fact.”

The belief that the world is a globe, revolving around the sun is a theory that has been accepted for so long it has been “grandfathered” in and is now widely accepted as “fact.” Diligent research has revealed the shocking truth that the earth is actually not a globe spinning through illimitable realms of space. While it is not “flat” in the sense that one could walk up to the edge and fall off, neither is it the open spherical globe everyone has been taught for the last 500 years. Rather, it is exactly what Scripture and all the ancients have taught it is: a fixed mass of land and seas, enclosed with a protective dome.

Cultures the world over throughout history have all described and reported the existence of a geocentric, stationary flat earth. Egyptians, Indians, Mayans, Chinese, Native Americans, and literally every ancient civilization on earth had a geocentric, flat earth cosmology. Before Pythagoras, the idea of a spinning ball earth was non-existent, and even after Pythagoras, it remained an obscure, minority view until 2,000 years later when Copernicus began reviving the heliocentric theory.1

WLC accepted the truth of an enclosed, stationary earth only after diligent research of the available scientific and astronomical data. The Biblical statements in support of a non-moving earth have always been there but overlooked as poetic license. The WLC team repents of not previously accepting this beautiful Scriptural truth. Yahuwah is the Creator. He works within His own laws of science. In actuality, science, astronomy and applied mathematics support a fixed earth enclosed by a dome… just as Scripture teaches! But even if the laws of science did not support this truth, WLC would still embrace it. The word of the Almighty is sufficient evidence to support any belief or doctrine.

Furthermore, with this new understanding of the true layout of the earth, more light has been shed on prophecy. Just as Scripture foretold: “Thou must prophesy again” (Revelation 10:11), the understanding of an enclosed earth gives the complete and final fulfillment of the three angels’ messages as the world is called upon to worship the Creator (first angel’s message). As this truth spreads, the various religious organizations that constitute Babylon will, without exception, reject this glorious truth. Thus, the second angel’s warning of the fall of Babylon will reach its ultimate fulfillment. All who stand for this truth will face persecution, as foretold by the third angel, when the pope is made the leader of the new one world religion, teaching a globe earth

Over the upcoming weeks and months, WLC will be correcting all of the articles and videos that refer as fact to the erroneous heliocentric globe-earth theory. The team asks for your patience during this process. Due to the size of the website, it is a daunting task that will take some time. Nevertheless, WLC is committed to advancing every truth Heaven reveals.

The WLC team would like to invite you to carefully study the evidence for yourself.2 It is all right to shuffle the subject to the back burner, so to speak, while you gather more information. It is also all right to admit, “I don’t know!” But please do not dogmatically close your mind to the possibility without first carefully reviewing all the evidence available.

The danger of new light is not that it is new and therefore, by default, wrong. No genuine truth-seeker will make such a Laodicean assumption. The danger is in the emotional and even psychological difficulty of assimilating a brand new, very different paradigm. It can create chaos in the mind and a grim determination to never be so deceived again. The temptation is to throw out all of one’s beliefs, even the truth one already has. Understand this reaction for the self-defense mechanism that it is and do not rashly cast aside other established truths.

Please do not reject this or any topic without careful, deliberate and prayerful study. Be prepared to follow truth wherever it leads.

Flat Earth AE Map

By Strebe (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

1 Eric Dubay, 200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball. While WLC appreciates the good research Dubay has done on the shape of the earth, we do not agree with or promote other, unchristian beliefs he holds.

2 Please be aware that some enclosed-earth researchers hold other beliefs that are not always in line with Scripture. While much valuable information can be learned, the diligent student is encouraged to take what is good and lay aside the rest. The beauty of this truth is such that even some atheists, in studying the enclosed earth, have become Christians, accepting the word of Yahuwah.

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