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How it should be today – leadership with love

The King James Version (KJV) is mostly used in these lessons. Click here to access the KJV online.
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If the husband does not lead with love, it will also be a home with much chaos and confusion. The man must answer to Yahuwah and act in accordance with His purpose.

1 Corinthians 11:3- But I would have you know, that the head of every man is the Messiah; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of the Messiah is YAHUWAH.

Only with Yahuwah in control, can there be peace, love, harmony and contentment in the home and in the Ekklesia.

The foregoing scriptures have laid a foundation for understanding Yahuwah’s purpose in creating woman. She is to be a help, support and companion to the man. Her role in the body of Messiah will be consistent with what she was created to be. A woman’s role is extremely important and vital to the health of the body/Ekklesia/Bride of Yahushua. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. The body of Messiah needs men and women, each doing their part. This is how the love of Yahuwah may be made manifest to all the world, just as he intended. When each are doing their part in the body, it is also the best environment for spiritual growth in the Ekklesia. We cannot separate the role of the man & woman in marriage from the role of each in the body of Messiah. Yahuwah created woman with certain gifts that would best enable her to be a ‘help’ to man. Yahuwah created man with certain gifts that would best enable him to lead and manage. These do not change when it comes to the Ekklesia. These gifts complement each other in the assembly and any effort to alter or reverse their roles will ultimately result in the same disaster seen in the garden of Eden.