BREAKING NEWS WLC, after much prayerful study, has discarded the teaching that the MILLENNIAL KINGDOM will be in heaven. The team has now adopted the position that this kingdom will be established on earth. New content on this important subject will be posted as soon as possible. Praise Father Yahuwah for His infinite patience with us as we continue to discard error in pursuit of truth. His Name be glorified now & forever! –WLC Team
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eCourses Completion Status

Salvation Through The New Covenant

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    • Fails to understand the grace of Yahushua which doth much more abound
    • Fails to strive to keep the law
    • The covenant of law and the covenant of grace.
    • The Abrahamic and Messianic Covenant.
    • The Old and New Covenant.
    • From heaven
    • From our hearts
    • From the heavenly sanctuary
    • From the right hand of Yahuwah
    • In the earthly sanctuary
    • In Israel
    • "Copies" of the true
    • Heaven itself
    • Presence of Yahuwah for us
    • They did not, the system was designed to develop and show one's faith in the coming Messiah
    • Through the blood
    • By the atonement of the service
    • The plan of salvation
    • Yahushua
    • To define what sin is
    • So that the law would not be forgotten
    • So that no one could tamper with it and change its words
    • He would be their Eloah but they would have to stay in the wilderness for 40 years.
    • If they will obey Him, He would make them a holy nation.
    • That they should make Him a sanctuary so that He could dwell amongst them.
    • In Sinai when Yahuwah was about to proclaim His law to the Israelites.
    • After Adam and Eve sinned and had to leave the Garden of Eden.
    • After Yahuwah called Abraham to be the father of His people.
    • That they would need divine grace to obey Yahuwah's law.
    • That they were unable to comply.
    • That they would by their own efforts obey everything that Yahuwah said.
    • That they would not serve other elohim.
    • That Aaron should make for them an idol deity so that they could worship it.
    • They wanted to return to Egypt where they ate freely of cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic.
    • For Aaron to be their leader instead of Moses.
    • He saw the Israelites worshiping golden calf idol.
    • He saw his people preparing to return back to Egypt.
    • He saw the Israelites had chosen Aaron to replace him so that they could return to Egypt.
    • Memorize the law so that they would not forget it.
    • Pray and fast with sackcloth.
    • Obey all that Yahuwah had said.
    • The ten-commandment laws and the sacrificial laws.
    • The promise of the people to keep Yahuwah's law through their own efforts.
    • The ceremonial, civil and sacrificial laws.
    • Moses asked the Levites to bring blood of a bull and sprinkle it on the book of the covenant.
    • The covenant was ratified with blood.
    • Moses, Aaron and all the Israelites signed their names in the book of the covenant.
    • The people's promise was at fault.
    • Moses was at fault.
    • Yahuwah's law was at fault.
    • The new covenant was established upon better promises.
    • The new covenant was established by a more merciful Eloah.
    • The new covenant is established by Yahushua; whereas the old covenant was established by Moses.
    • The new covenant was established upon better symbols and rituals
    • The Spirit of Yahushua living in our hearts will cause us to live in harmony with Yahuwah's law.
    • We are now living under grace and no longer need to live under the law.
    • Yahuwah will put His law in our hearts and will not remember our past sins any more.
    • We are no longer obliged to keep Yahuwah's law because it was nailed at the cross.
    • First Covenant
    • Old Covenant
    • New Covenant
    • Power to save you in your sins.
    • Power to make you perfect in every good work according to His will.
    • Power to wash away all your past and future sins.
    • The old covenant, he kept Yahuwah's law by his own efforts.
    • The new covenant; he kept Yahuwah's law by depending on Yahuwah's all sufficient grace.
    • Yes, they are endeavouring to be good Christians through their own efforts, when the Bible teaches that all our righteousness is filthy rags.
    • No, the old covenant was nailed at the cross; today all Christians are living under grace.
    • To heal us
    • To give us power to keep Yahuwah's law
    • In our hearts
    • In heaven
    • In the Bible
    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes