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Heavenly Citizenship

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    • A real world
    • An imaginary world
    • A tangible life
    • A spiritual life
    • A more abundant life
    • A spiritual life
    • A surreal life
    • Eternally
    • One billion years
    • Through the resurrection at the second coming of Yahushua
    • By going to heaven once we die
    • Yahushua
    • Lazarus
    • Moses
    • To give back to Yahuwah all that He has given us
    • Nothing
    • It takes all to become a follower of Yahushua
    • There is nothing we can give back to Yahushua
    • The Master, Yahushua, the Anointed, only
    • Going to church
    • Keeping the law
    • Yahushua said that the law cannot be changed.
    • Yahushua magnified the law and expanded its every precept
    • Yahushua said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments”
    • Yahushua died at the cross because the law could not be changed
    • Yahushua taught that it was not important to keep the Sabbath day holy
    • Yahushua abolished (cancelled) the law
    • Yahushua left us an example by obeying the law
    • Yahushua introduced a new law when he died at the cross
    • Yahushua taught that the ten commandments were only for the Jews
    • Yahushua died on the cross to save Christians from keeping the law
    • Breaking Yahuwah’s law
    • Violating man's traditions
    • Whatever seems wrong
    • Love Yahuwah
    • Submit your will to Yahuwah's will
    • Try
    • understand why Yahuwah requires it
    • You hate someone
    • If you cannot forgive someone
    • You do not go to church
    • You do not do good works to win His favor
    • Having Yahuwah's love abiding in one's heart
    • Completely submitting one's will to Yahuwah's will
    • Sinning
    • Becoming fanatical
    • Consider commandment-keeping unnecessary
    • Have difficulty getting along with people
    • Will keep Yahuwah’s law through the indwelling Spirit of Yahushua
    • Will gladly keep Yahuwah’s commandments
    • Can break the ten commandments without sinning
    • Is freed from keeping the law
    • Are loved  by Yahuwah more than others
    • Will be bitterly opposed by the world and Christians of all recognized churches
    • Deserve salvation because they earn it through keeping the commandments
    • My love for Yahushua leads me to ask him to come into my heart so I can live a righteous, commandment-keeping life
    • I love Yahushua, even though I do not keep His commandments
    • I maintain an excellent record of good works
    • One cannot enter Yahuwah's kingdom while he is knowingly determined to disobey any aspect of Yahuwah's law
    • It is no longer binding in the New Testament
    • It is the same characteristics as Yahuwah
    • Ignoring it will bring wretchedness, unrest and tragedy
    • It is very burdensome and oppressive
    • Keeping the law cannot save, the law only acts like a mirror, pointing out sin
    • Happiness is bound up in Yahuwah's law
    • Not all transgressors of Yahuwah's law are sinners
    • Now that Yahushua has come, Yahuwah's law is not important
    • Yahuwah can change His law
    • Only humans need to keep Yahuwah's law
    • Gabriel
    • Moses
    • Yahuwah
    • Is eternal, will be kept in the earth made new
    • Was removed at the cross
    • Applies as long as Satan exists
    • Love is more important than obedience
    • True love toward Yahuwah and man is the fruition of the law
    • Love does away with the law
    • The ten commandments is an expression of love to Yahuwah and man
    • Yahushua died to save us from having to keep Yahuwah's law