Why Russia?
Russia is the only modern country mentioned by name in the Old Testament. Today, its news permeates every media type due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This war will end with a decisive win for Russia. We are not rooting for Russia. (We yearn for the return of Yahushua to Earth to put a decisive end to all wars and conflicts). But Yahuwah has a severe grievance to settle with Russia. He will execute His revenge against Russia before all the nations in the next war that Russia will wage. As Bible believers, we must follow current events hawkishly, as they are clear signs of the times, heralding the imminent establishment of Yahuwah's eternal kingdom on earth. Click here to learn more.
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Bible Prophets | How to Test a Prophet

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    • Elijah
    • John
    • My brother
    • My prophet
    • Yes
    • No
    • He did the same work Elijah did: to make ready a people prepared for Yahushua
    • He was related to Elijah
    • Because he was a prophet like Elijah
    • Because he looked like Elijah
    • Yes
    • No
    • A call to follow Yahuwah or Baal and not stand between the two
    • To build a temple for Yahuwah
    • To restore the holy city of Jerusalem that had been destroyed
    • To teach Yahuwah's law to the youth
    • To start up a school for prophets
    • The commandments of Yahuwah
    • The prophets
    • The temple
    • Yes, this is found in the three angels' messages
    • No, Yahuwah has a different message for the Christian world today
    • Yes, the great and dreadful day of Yahuwah is specifically Yahushua's second coming
    • No, Elijah came only once
    • Yes, Elijah will be resurrected again before the second coming of Yahushua
    • Until we come to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Yahushua
    • Until His first advent
    • That not all the prophets in the future would be false, because why would Yahushua tell us to test the prophets, instead of reject them, if there were not to be any more true prophets?
    • That they would all be false prophets and that after the Apostolic generation, no true prophets would arise again
    • If they do not speak in line with Yahuwah's law and His word, there is no light in them
    • If the prophets see visions and remember them after they see them they are true
    • False prophets cannot do supernatural miracles
    • Those that have heard him before in visions or dreams
    • Those that follow Him and do His will
    • Those that listen carefully and read between the lines
    • No
    • Yes
    • Soothsayers
    • False prophets
    • Dreams
    • That they should not quench the Spirit by despising prophecies
    • That they should not quench the Spirit by rejecting any prophecy
    • That they should not quench the Spirit by forgetting their prophetic visions
    • To support Yahuwah's prophets
    • To believe Yahuwah’s prophets
    • To reject past prophets
    • To respect Yahuwah's prophets
    • Their gospel work, outreach and Sabbath-keeping.
    • They will emphasize against idol worship and do a great work of evangelism in the Asian countries.
    • They will be keeping the commandments of Yahuwah, and will be led by the works of a true prophet.
    • They will have a living prophet and be Sabbath-keepers.
    • The prophet at the cross
    • The song of the Lamb
    • The spirit of prophecy
    • True
    • False
    • Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them
    • The Spirit of Yahushua is in him
    • He foretells the future destiny of every individual who asks
    • He knows several languages
    • He will deny the trinity doctrine
    • He lives a holy life
    • He lives a successful and prosperous life
    • He acknowledges that Yahushua has come in the flesh
    • He is guided by crystal balls or channelling
    • While in vision, a prophet is unconscious of his surroundings
    • While in vision, a true prophet keeps his eyes open
    • His voice will change while in vision
    • To denounce sin in high places
    • To connect with other people around the world
    • To reveal secret plans of the enemy
    • To travel to Jerusalem for pilgrimage on behalf of the church
    • To be a spokesman for Yahuwah
    • To fast for 40 days on behalf of the ekklesia
    • To pronounce judgment
    • To promise deliverance from enemies
    • To be a watchman
    • To hide sins of Yahuwah’s people
    • To foretell the future
    • To lead the people of Yahuwah
    • To encourage church membership
    • Yes
    • No
    • It was not revealed
    • Yes
    • No