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Love awakens #love. The truth of what happens to sinners is a profound, beautiful truth that reveals, as never before, the depth of Yahuwah’s infinite love. We know what happens to the saved. The question is: What happens to the lost? â€¦
Jan 17, 2020
#Sinless . . . through #faith! â€¦ Fallen humans are incapable of keeping the very law that must be kept in order to gain entrance into the holy city. Thankfully, #Yahuwah has made provision for this
Jan 17, 2020
When you choose to accept the gift of #Salvation, you are offered more than forgiveness for past sins. #Yahushua’s sinless life of perfect #obedience to the law of Yah is also credited to your account. â€¦
Jan 17, 2020 â€¦
Jan 17, 2020
Regarding the #church & #Israel, WLC no longer believes replacement theology promoted by the RCC, SDAs, etc. The church is synonymous with remnant Israel (a spiritual entity built on faith in Yahushua’s atoning work), made up of #Gentile and #Jewish #believers
Jan 17, 2020  We are developing a series of pertinent End-Time messages that will be broadcast worldwide in 10 languages over shortwave radio! However, you don't need to wait until then! You can listen to the same messages as they are ready via the link above!
Jan 17, 2020
Daily surrender, victory over besetting sins, and a godly life are all the fruits of salvation. #savedByFaith #bytheirfruitsyoushallknowthem #praise https://www. tian-beliefs/salvation-received-not-achieved.html   …
Jan 17, 2020
#Salvation has always been an individual matter, not a group activity. #Worship at home is perfectly acceptable to Yahuwah and is actually more in keeping with the spirit of true worship. https://www. iness/worshipping-in-spirit-and-in-truth.html   …
Jan 17, 2020
But what if we DON'T go to Heaven when we die? ...this might not be the bad news you're thinking... https://www. tian-beliefs/the-millennial-kingdom-in-heaven-or-on-earth.html   …
Jan 17, 2020
Scripture reveals that when a soul dies, there is no more consciousness. There is neither suffering nor joy. The soul sleeps until raised back to life by the power of the Life Giver. #sleeping #notwatchingoveryou https://www. tian-beliefs/what-happens-after-death.html   …
Jan 17, 2020
Be obedient to the divine law. However, this obedience is the result, not the cause, of our salvation. It is the “fruit” rather than the “root” of salvation, and it is all by faith. https://www. tian-beliefs/sinless-through-faith.html   …
Jan 17, 2020
The greatest reward offered to the overcomer is not immortality. Rather, it is the privilege of living in the very presence of Yahuwah in His coming kingdom on earth. https://www. tian-beliefs/preparation-for-living-with-yahuwah.html   …
Jan 17, 2020
The 8 kingdom passages in Acts, Hellfire Debunked, & Truth Energizes (By Anthony Buzzard) https://www.   https://www. tFw1o   … https://www.  
Jan 17, 2020
We were wrong 2 imbibe a false teaching that going 2 heaven is the reward of the faithful. When Christ comes again 2 reward the redeemed, he will establish Yah's kingdom on earth & rule nations w/ rod of iron. We can't wait 4 His Millennial kingdom. Time 2 discard another error.
Jan 17, 2020
We were wrong to imbibe false teaching that going to heaven is the reward of the faithful. When he comes again to reward the redeemed, he will establish Yah's kingdom on earth & rule nations w/ rod of iron. We can't wait for His Millennial kingdom. Time 2 discard another error.
Jan 17, 2020
https://www. oYJ_c   … https://www.   Holiness Demanded (By Charles Spurgeon) https://www.  
Jan 17, 2020
https://www. tinue=3&v=P8Nd-eyb72o   … https://www.   Faith and Repentance Inseparable (By Charles Spurgeon) https://www.  
Jan 17, 2020
https://www. ecy/image-to-the-beast-already-made.html   … https://www. ecy/image-to-the-beast-already-made.html   …
Jan 17, 2020
https://www. ln4gw   … https://www.   The Wounds of Jesus (By Charles Spurgeon) https://www.  
Jan 17, 2020
https://www.   What is the Gospel? (By Paul Washer) https://www. tinue=1&v=fawu84H76ug   … https://www.  
Jan 17, 2020

eCourses Completion Status

Hell Fire | Would an Eloah of Love Burn Sinners Forever?

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    • Yahuwah takes revenge
    • Yahuwah is unfair
    • Yahuwah is angry
    • Yahuwah is love
    • Yahuwah will finally take revenge.
    • Is called Yahuwah's 'strange act', because it is so foreign to His loving plan of saving people.
    • Yahuwah will allow the devil to do it.
    • Is an integral part of Yahuwah's plan.
    • Is the devil's plan to slander Yahuwah's character.
    • Is symbolic.
    • Always refers to a place of burning.
    • Has several meanings, one of them being the grave.
    • Refers to the center of the earth.
    • Does not yet exist.
    • Is symbolical.
    • Means 'eternal.'
    • Is mysterious and cannot be understood.
    • Usually means 'a man's lifetime' or 'until he dies.'
    • Satan
    • No one
    • Sodom and Gomorrah
    • Is Bible proof for the teaching of eternal torment.
    • Is a parable that cannot be taken literally.
    • Proves that souls in hell can converse with souls in heaven.
    • In hell
    • At the second coming
    • The soul cannot be destroyed it is immortal
    • Destroys only the body of the wicked.
    • Tortures the soul of the wicked throughout eternity.
    • Destroys sinners -both soul and body- turning them to ashes, then goes out.
    • Zero.
    • A large multitude of people from all ages.
    • Hundreds, consisting of only evil angels.
    • Purgatory.
    • Hellfire
    • Their graves.
    • Whippings by the Lamb combined with burning in fire.
    • Suffering eternal burning in the lake of fire forever.
    • Burning varying in duration and intensity, "according to their works," ending with death.
    • Will be the earth set on fire by Yahuwah.
    • Is burning now.
    • Burns throughout the endless ages of eternity.
    • When they die.
    • At the end of the world.
    • By the devil.
    • Pay back and torture Yahuwah's enemies.
    • To encourage people to obey Yahuwah.
    • Completely blot out sin from the universe eternally.
    • Dead bodies
    • Crying souls
    • Ashes
    • Yahuwah will banish Satan away eternally.
    • Yahuwah will make a perfect new earth, where sin will never rise again.
    • Hell fire will burn eternally.
    • They will cease to exist
    • In hell
    • On earth
    • They will return to their graves
    • Estimate he has of Yahuwah and His love for the sinner
    • Church he goes to
    • I disagree
    • I agree
    • Perishing
    • Eternal torment