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The Papacy is the _____________. Where do you stand? This is one of the most crucial points to understand Biblical Prophecy. â€¦
Feb 19, 2020
Every Sunday or Saturday, the majority of the world’s 2.4 billion #Christians sit in church, being indoctrinated in their particular brand of Christianity, trusting their priest or pastor to tell them what they need to know to be saved. â€¦
Feb 19, 2020
Divine power is not contained in a person’s faith. #Faith is not some magical incantation. Rather, faith is the hand that grasps the power already contained in the promise. Watch or read more below :) video: â€¦ article: â€¦
Feb 19, 2020
I have the best #news for you! Want to hear it? You ready? You sure you’re ready? Well, the good news is … you’re a #sinner! O.O It is good news because, through #Yahushua, #Yahuwah accepts sinners! â€¦
Feb 19, 2020
#Savior #YAHUSHUA #Scripture #Yahuwah
Feb 19, 2020
Focus on Yahushua and his undeniably selfless sacrifice obscures a too-often overlooked fact of Scripture: the true identity of our Savior. Who is the Savior??? Read on at: â€¦
Feb 19, 2020
Love awakens #love. The truth of what happens to sinners is a profound, beautiful truth that reveals, as never before, the depth of Yahuwah’s infinite love. We know what happens to the saved. The question is: What happens to the lost? â€¦
Feb 19, 2020
#Sinless . . . through #faith! â€¦ Fallen humans are incapable of keeping the very law that must be kept in order to gain entrance into the holy city. Thankfully, #Yahuwah has made provision for this
Feb 19, 2020
When you choose to accept the gift of #Salvation, you are offered more than forgiveness for past sins. #Yahushua’s sinless life of perfect #obedience to the law of Yah is also credited to your account. â€¦
Feb 19, 2020 â€¦
Feb 19, 2020
Regarding the #church & #Israel, WLC no longer believes replacement theology promoted by the RCC, SDAs, etc. The church is synonymous with remnant Israel (a spiritual entity built on faith in Yahushua’s atoning work), made up of #Gentile and #Jewish #believers
Feb 19, 2020  We are developing a series of pertinent End-Time messages that will be broadcast worldwide in 10 languages over shortwave radio! However, you don't need to wait until then! You can listen to the same messages as they are ready via the link above!
Feb 19, 2020
Daily surrender, victory over besetting sins, and a godly life are all the fruits of salvation. #savedByFaith #bytheirfruitsyoushallknowthem #praise https://www. tian-beliefs/salvation-received-not-achieved.html   …
Feb 19, 2020
#Salvation has always been an individual matter, not a group activity. #Worship at home is perfectly acceptable to Yahuwah and is actually more in keeping with the spirit of true worship. https://www. iness/worshipping-in-spirit-and-in-truth.html   …
Feb 19, 2020
But what if we DON'T go to Heaven when we die? ...this might not be the bad news you're thinking... https://www. tian-beliefs/the-millennial-kingdom-in-heaven-or-on-earth.html   …
Feb 19, 2020
Scripture reveals that when a soul dies, there is no more consciousness. There is neither suffering nor joy. The soul sleeps until raised back to life by the power of the Life Giver. #sleeping #notwatchingoveryou https://www. tian-beliefs/what-happens-after-death.html   …
Feb 19, 2020
Be obedient to the divine law. However, this obedience is the result, not the cause, of our salvation. It is the “fruit” rather than the “root” of salvation, and it is all by faith. https://www. tian-beliefs/sinless-through-faith.html   …
Feb 19, 2020
The greatest reward offered to the overcomer is not immortality. Rather, it is the privilege of living in the very presence of Yahuwah in His coming kingdom on earth. https://www. tian-beliefs/preparation-for-living-with-yahuwah.html   …
Feb 19, 2020
The 8 kingdom passages in Acts, Hellfire Debunked, & Truth Energizes (By Anthony Buzzard) https://www.   https://www. tFw1o   … https://www.  
Feb 19, 2020
We were wrong 2 imbibe a false teaching that going 2 heaven is the reward of the faithful. When Christ comes again 2 reward the redeemed, he will establish Yah's kingdom on earth & rule nations w/ rod of iron. We can't wait 4 His Millennial kingdom. Time 2 discard another error.
Feb 19, 2020

eCourses Completion Status

French Republican Calendar

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    • For school schedules.
    • Only for business.
    • Religious devices to determine times of worship.
    • For telling farmers when to plant.
    • Embraced the same governing principles of the United States.
    • Set up a new monarchy.
    • Decreed in her Legislative Assembly that there was no Creator.
    • Killed off all the French Huguenots (Protestants).
    • To de-Christianize the calendar.
    • To set a new standard for the rest of the world to follow.
    • To set France apart as independent of the rest of the world and not needing it.
    • To show French superiority.
    • Destroy democracy.
    • Promote “Reason” and science as opposed to “Religion” and superstition.
    • Establish a superior race.
    • Re-establish the monarchy.
    • Closely resemble the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.
    • Not resemble in any respect the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.
    • C. Restore the Roman Republican calendar which Julius Cæsar had set aside in 46 B.C.
    • The Roman Republican calendar.
    • The Hebrew calendar.
    • The Sumerian calendar.
    • The Egyptian calendar.
    • 7
    • 8
    • 10
    • 15
    • Five days which were not part of the weeks or any month.
    • A New Year.
    • One extra week.
    • None of the above.
    • Winter solstice (December 21).
    • Spring equinox (March 21).
    • Summer solstice (June 21).
    • Autumn equinox (September 21).
    • French loyalty with the rest of Europe.
    • Any sanctity for Sunday as a holy day.
    • French patriotism: it was to complex and the people resented the change.
    • Nothing.
    • Salvation of souls.
    • Control of the sacraments: who gets them; who does not.
    • Control of time.
    • Control of the French military.
    • Sunday.
    • Week.
    • Calendar.
    • Month.
    • The Impirical system.
    • The metric system.
    • The SI system.
    • Cubits and hands.
    • The Sexigesimal System.
    • To compete with Germany and Germany
    • Convenience.
    • To abolish Sunday.
    • Accuracy.
    • Décadi – the last day of the new week.
    • The flag.
    • The "goddess of Reason," a known prostitute.
    • The guillotine.
    • Forced to fly the flag of the revolution.
    • Forced to place an image of the "goddess of Reason" on their altars.
    • Denied the right to baptize infants.
    • Forbidden to hold services on any day except for Décadi.
    • The pentatonic scale.
    • The clock.
    • The Geiger counter.
    • The modal scales.
    • 24
    • 20
    • 12
    • 10
    • Robespierre Time.
    • Decimal Time.
    • Revolutionary Time.
    • Scientific Time.
    • All commercial ties to other European nations.
    • American sympathy for the French.
    • The perception of Sunday as a holy day.
    • The business of calendar publishers
    • The French Legislative Assembly publicly burning Bibles.
    • The Academy of Sciences declaring they had proven there is no Creator.
    • General Louis Alexander Berthier taking Pope Pius VI a prisoner.
    • Pope Pius VI dying a prisoner in captivity.
    • Made the observance of the ten-day week mandatory.
    • Closed all churches and seminaries.
    • Annexed all Church property to the state.
    • Forbade Church weddings, baptisms or burials.