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eCourses Completion Status

French Republican Calendar

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    • For school schedules.
    • Only for business.
    • Religious devices to determine times of worship.
    • For telling farmers when to plant.
    • Embraced the same governing principles of the United States.
    • Set up a new monarchy.
    • Decreed in her Legislative Assembly that there was no Creator.
    • Killed off all the French Huguenots (Protestants).
    • To de-Christianize the calendar.
    • To set a new standard for the rest of the world to follow.
    • To set France apart as independent of the rest of the world and not needing it.
    • To show French superiority.
    • Destroy democracy.
    • Promote “Reason” and science as opposed to “Religion” and superstition.
    • Establish a superior race.
    • Re-establish the monarchy.
    • Closely resemble the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.
    • Not resemble in any respect the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.
    • C. Restore the Roman Republican calendar which Julius Cæsar had set aside in 46 B.C.
    • The Roman Republican calendar.
    • The Hebrew calendar.
    • The Sumerian calendar.
    • The Egyptian calendar.
    • 7
    • 8
    • 10
    • 15
    • Five days which were not part of the weeks or any month.
    • A New Year.
    • One extra week.
    • None of the above.
    • Winter solstice (December 21).
    • Spring equinox (March 21).
    • Summer solstice (June 21).
    • Autumn equinox (September 21).
    • French loyalty with the rest of Europe.
    • Any sanctity for Sunday as a holy day.
    • French patriotism: it was to complex and the people resented the change.
    • Nothing.
    • Salvation of souls.
    • Control of the sacraments: who gets them; who does not.
    • Control of time.
    • Control of the French military.
    • Sunday.
    • Week.
    • Calendar.
    • Month.
    • The Impirical system.
    • The metric system.
    • The SI system.
    • Cubits and hands.
    • The Sexigesimal System.
    • To compete with Germany and Germany
    • Convenience.
    • To abolish Sunday.
    • Accuracy.
    • Décadi – the last day of the new week.
    • The flag.
    • The "goddess of Reason," a known prostitute.
    • The guillotine.
    • Forced to fly the flag of the revolution.
    • Forced to place an image of the "goddess of Reason" on their altars.
    • Denied the right to baptize infants.
    • Forbidden to hold services on any day except for Décadi.
    • The pentatonic scale.
    • The clock.
    • The Geiger counter.
    • The modal scales.
    • 24
    • 20
    • 12
    • 10
    • Robespierre Time.
    • Decimal Time.
    • Revolutionary Time.
    • Scientific Time.
    • All commercial ties to other European nations.
    • American sympathy for the French.
    • The perception of Sunday as a holy day.
    • The business of calendar publishers
    • The French Legislative Assembly publicly burning Bibles.
    • The Academy of Sciences declaring they had proven there is no Creator.
    • General Louis Alexander Berthier taking Pope Pius VI a prisoner.
    • Pope Pius VI dying a prisoner in captivity.
    • Made the observance of the ten-day week mandatory.
    • Closed all churches and seminaries.
    • Annexed all Church property to the state.
    • Forbade Church weddings, baptisms or burials.