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Mar 05, 2022

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One World, One Calendar

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    • Has never died out.
    • Ended for good in the 1950s.
    • Was seen as an impractical exercise when faced with the emergency of World War II.
    • A stronger United Nations.
    • A United States president willing to try new things for change.
    • A world economic situation which has led many world leaders to call for worldwide financial oversight.
    • A dissatisfied world wants change.
    • It is very user-friendly with standardized months and quarters.
    • What are you talking about? There is no connection between the two.
    • All Christians, Jews and Muslims were adamantly opposed to it.
    • All Christians, Jews and Muslims welcomed the change.
    • All Christians, Jews and Muslims were divided over whether the proposed change was good or bad. Some accepted it; others did not.
    • Ancient Egyptian calendation principles.
    • The paganism of a Roman Empire that has disappeared.
    • The Babylonian calendar.
    • Should have nothing to do with the proposed World Calendar.
    • Had the necessary power to make the calendar change.
    • Yahuwah understands modern necessities.
    • Governments are set up by Yahuwah and if the government decrees it, citizens are to obey.
    • It had been changed before.
    • People needed more rest.
    • Ecumenism.
    • 'Globalism' – being 'World Day' it promoted good will among the world’s nations.
    • To keep it as a second Sabbath, a 48-hour instead of 24-hour Sabbath.
    • Sunday be a second day of rest, allowing public transportation and places of entertainment to remain open.
    • The World Calendar be implemented in 2017.
    • A return to the Biblical calendar for purposes of worship.
    • A return to National use of the Biblical calendar for both secular and religious time-keeping.
    • True.
    • False.
    • True
    • False
    • Intense persecution of the saints.
    • Oppressive government enforcement of calendar reform.
    • The development of some special truth, adapted to the necessities of Yahuwah’s people at that time.
    • Actually, there has been nothing new for a long time. All truth has been revealed. There is no more light to come.
    • It does not matter which calendar you use for worship as long as you worship.
    • All need to move to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple.
    • The knowledge of the Biblical, luni-solar calendar.
    • “Fix” Easter.
    • Allow marriage for priests as long as it is to nuns.
    • Change to baptism by immersion.
    • Revert to Julian calendation.
    • Mary.
    • Her size – the largest Christian denomination in the world.
    • The act of changing the Sabbath to Sunday – which Protestants agree to by worshipping on Sunday.
    • The pope.
    • Invited Greek and Russian Orthodox to return to full fellowship with the Roman Catholic Church with the pope as the head of a new combined church.
    • Referred to Sunday as the “eighth” day.
    • Denounced Saturday sabbatarians for not worshipping on Sunday.
    • The Greek and Russian Orthodox churches have always maintained a distance from the Roman Catholic Church.
    • On The World Calendar, every year and every quarter starts on Sunday, so Sunday does fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th – just like the seventh-day Sabbath does on the Biblical calendar.
    • Why would he suddenly start denouncing Saturday sabbatarians after all his calls to ecumenism, or greater fellowship between the various churches of Christendom?
    • Catholics versus Protestants.
    • Jews versus Muslims.
    • Yahuwah’s luni-solar calendar versus the pagan calendar system that has passed from Babylon and Egypt to pagan Rome and on down to the papacy.