Why Russia?
Russia is the only modern country mentioned by name in the Old Testament. Today, its news permeates every media type due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This war will end with a decisive win for Russia. We are not rooting for Russia. (We yearn for the return of Yahushua to Earth to put a decisive end to all wars and conflicts). But Yahuwah has a severe grievance to settle with Russia. He will execute His revenge against Russia before all the nations in the next war that Russia will wage. As Bible believers, we must follow current events hawkishly, as they are clear signs of the times, heralding the imminent establishment of Yahuwah's eternal kingdom on earth. Click here to learn more.
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One World, One Calendar

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    • Has never died out.
    • Ended for good in the 1950s.
    • Was seen as an impractical exercise when faced with the emergency of World War II.
    • A stronger United Nations.
    • A United States president willing to try new things for change.
    • A world economic situation which has led many world leaders to call for worldwide financial oversight.
    • A dissatisfied world wants change.
    • It is very user-friendly with standardized months and quarters.
    • What are you talking about? There is no connection between the two.
    • All Christians, Jews and Muslims were adamantly opposed to it.
    • All Christians, Jews and Muslims welcomed the change.
    • All Christians, Jews and Muslims were divided over whether the proposed change was good or bad. Some accepted it; others did not.
    • Ancient Egyptian calendation principles.
    • The paganism of a Roman Empire that has disappeared.
    • The Babylonian calendar.
    • Should have nothing to do with the proposed World Calendar.
    • Had the necessary power to make the calendar change.
    • Yahuwah understands modern necessities.
    • Governments are set up by Yahuwah and if the government decrees it, citizens are to obey.
    • It had been changed before.
    • People needed more rest.
    • Ecumenism.
    • 'Globalism' – being 'World Day' it promoted good will among the world’s nations.
    • To keep it as a second Sabbath, a 48-hour instead of 24-hour Sabbath.
    • Sunday be a second day of rest, allowing public transportation and places of entertainment to remain open.
    • The World Calendar be implemented in 2017.
    • A return to the Biblical calendar for purposes of worship.
    • A return to National use of the Biblical calendar for both secular and religious time-keeping.
    • True.
    • False.
    • True
    • False
    • Intense persecution of the saints.
    • Oppressive government enforcement of calendar reform.
    • The development of some special truth, adapted to the necessities of Yahuwah’s people at that time.
    • Actually, there has been nothing new for a long time. All truth has been revealed. There is no more light to come.
    • It does not matter which calendar you use for worship as long as you worship.
    • All need to move to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple.
    • The knowledge of the Biblical, luni-solar calendar.
    • “Fix” Easter.
    • Allow marriage for priests as long as it is to nuns.
    • Change to baptism by immersion.
    • Revert to Julian calendation.
    • Mary.
    • Her size – the largest Christian denomination in the world.
    • The act of changing the Sabbath to Sunday – which Protestants agree to by worshipping on Sunday.
    • The pope.
    • Invited Greek and Russian Orthodox to return to full fellowship with the Roman Catholic Church with the pope as the head of a new combined church.
    • Referred to Sunday as the “eighth” day.
    • Denounced Saturday sabbatarians for not worshipping on Sunday.
    • The Greek and Russian Orthodox churches have always maintained a distance from the Roman Catholic Church.
    • On The World Calendar, every year and every quarter starts on Sunday, so Sunday does fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th – just like the seventh-day Sabbath does on the Biblical calendar.
    • Why would he suddenly start denouncing Saturday sabbatarians after all his calls to ecumenism, or greater fellowship between the various churches of Christendom?
    • Catholics versus Protestants.
    • Jews versus Muslims.
    • Yahuwah’s luni-solar calendar versus the pagan calendar system that has passed from Babylon and Egypt to pagan Rome and on down to the papacy.