Heads-Up Raoul Pal, a world-renowned macro-economist, is not a student of the Bible. However, unbeknown to him, he provides in this video of a most likely scenario of how Rome will use the central banks to enforce the dreadful mark of the beast everywhere. This is not the time for His people to become complacent. We should be ready for the imminent unfolding of final events, and we should also pray for the acceleration of these events, so that this evil age will come to an end, to usher the way for the return of Christ to establish Yahuwah’s eternal kingdom on earth. Click here to watch the video.
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eCourses Completion Status

Daniel Chapter 1 Lesson

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    • In B.C.E. 597
    • In the third year of king Jehoiakim
    • At the death of Jeremiah
    • At the birth of Daniel
    • In B.C.E. 597
    • On the birthday of king Nebuchadnezzar
    • In the fourth year of king Jehoiakim
    • In B.C.E 4
    • 1844
    • 1792
    • B.C.E. 605
    • B.C.E. 538
    • Pharaoh Necho
    • Nebuchadnezzar
    • Nabodidus
    • Jehoiakim
    • All the king's wives
    • Tons of Jaffa oranges
    • Temple treasures
    • All of the king's horses
    • To Rome
    • To Egypt
    • To Syria
    • To Shinar
    • In his palace
    • In the house of his deity
    • In the state treasury
    • In the bank
    • The chief functionary of Nebuchadnezzar
    • The son of Pharaoh
    • A eunuch of Jehoiakim
    • An Israelite
    • Prepare Nebuchadnezzar's meals
    • Gather a group of healthy, intelligent captives from Judah for the king\'s service
    • Join the army
    • Write books in the Chaldean language.
    • The science and literature of the Chaldeans
    • How to take care of the hanging gardens of Babylon
    • How to regulate the Euphrates River that passed through Babylon
    • How to interpret dreams
    • That they were born in Judah
    • That they worshipped Yahuwah, the true Eloah
    • That their parents were wealthy
    • That it was prophesied from their birth that they would be captives in Babylon
    • El is judge
    • Yahuwah will provide
    • El is the father of Baal
    • Green pastures
    • Yahuwah is eternal
    • Yahuwah is gracious
    • Honey from the rock
    • Horn of plenty
    • My shawl
    • Who is what El is?
    • The sent of Yahuwah
    • Running streams
    • As a right man
    • Cherry-eater
    • A faithful father
    • Yahuwah helps
    • Baal and Ashtoreth
    • Molech and El
    • Bel and Nebo
    • Isis and Horus
    • That he would have the best time possible in the royal training school
    • That he would eat plenty of rich foods, cake and wine with the other boys
    • That he would not defile himself
    • That he would learn the Chaldean language faster than anyone else
    • Rich meats and wines
    • Danish pastries
    • Rice and kebab
    • Pork pies
    • That Daniel and his friends would run away
    • That Daniel and his friends would not look as healthy as the others if they ate simple food
    • That the king would find out he was selling pies on the black market
    • That Daniel's diet would be too expensive
    • Kosher meat
    • All moving things
    • Everything as long as you give thanks
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • It tastes bad.
    • Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
    • It is of some health benefit, but not much.
    • It is not as good as the alcohol in Daniel's day.
    • Jochabed
    • Melzar
    • Jeremiah
    • Rechab
    • He told Melzar point blank that he would not eat or drink the king\'s provisions
    • He begged Melzar to let them have a different diet
    • He politely asked Melzar to give them a ten-day trial
    • He asked for kosher wine at meals
    • Fruit juices and a variety of dishes
    • Vegetables and water
    • Non-alcoholic wine and textured vegetable protein
    • Pizza and coke
    • It was too short to be significant
    • Daniel and his friends seemed healthier than the other young men
    • Daniel and his friends lost weight on such a simple diet
    • Yahuwah showed that He expects His followers to eat meat at least once in forty days
    • He forced Daniel and his friends to eat the king\'s meat and drink wine
    • He praised them for their new recipes
    • He told the king about his discoveries
    • He took away the royal provision and gave them vegetables
    • Yahuwah gave them knowledge and wisdom
    • Yahuwah punished them for their disrespectful behaviour and ingratitude to the king
    • The other young men were much better, because alcohol is helpful to mental culture
    • Red meat is necessary to successful study, so they failed.
    • Excellence in mathematics
    • The ability to interpret dreams
    • New theories of how life evolved on earth
    • Superhuman strength to defend himself against lions
    • All of them
    • Most of them
    • None of them
    • The Arabs, because they too were descendants of Abraham
    • They were twice as good as the others
    • They were ten times better than the others
    • They were worse than the others, because the language was foreign to them
    • They were the same as the others
    • To collaborate with the invaders of your country to get a high position
    • To be obedient to Yahuwah in every circumstance, not even compromising in pure diet
    • To study hard and get a degree
    • To follow protocol when making applications to the government