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Daniel Chapter 3 Lesson

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    • He built an image just like the one he saw in his dream to commemorate it.
    • He built an image all of gold, to represent an everlasting Babylon, which should never pass away.
    • He started studying science.
    • He became more superstitious than before.
    • faith and trust in Yahuwah's prediction of the future.
    • magic to attempt to overcome Yahuwah's prediction of the future.
    • humility, since he recognized Yahuwah's power and wanted to commemorate it.
    • pride, so that people would gather around him and show him reverence.
    • He wanted them to see what a nice image he had made.
    • He wanted to consolidate the power of his empire.
    • He wanted them to contribute to the expense of making the golden image.
    • He wanted them to get exercise by bowing before the image.
    • they believed in idols, especially when they were made of gold, which is indestructible.
    • they loved the king and wanted to obey him.
    • they were tired of standing and wanted to rest their muscles.
    • they probably feared being thrown into the fiery furnace.
    • he noticed the three Hebrews did not worship the image.
    • he planned beforehand to get at the Hebrews, and that's why he made the image in the first place.
    • his mother told him to do something about the Hebrews.
    • certain Chaldeans accused the Jews out of jealousy.
    • Because he did not realize how powerful the music was.
    • Because he had so much at stake to save the empire.
    • Because his courtiers ridiculed the idea that Yahuwah could do anything.
    • Because it was spring and he was not quite himself.
    • They had already decided to obey Yahuwah no matter what.
    • They were sure that Yahuwah would save them.
    • They thought they could serve the deities of Babylon in other ways.
    • They thought the golden image was a good idea.
    • cancelled the ceremony.
    • he went into hiding.
    • he forgave Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
    • he had the furnace heated seven times hotter.
    • naked so they would burn faster
    • shackled with chains on hands and feet
    • one at a time, to see what would happen
    • tied up, with all of their clothes on
    • were killed by the blaze.
    • were protected with shields.
    • wore asbestos suits.
    • rebelled against the king and so were executed.
    • caught fire immediately and burned to death.
    • fell down bound in the flames.
    • took a coffee-break.
    • had a last meal before being executed.
    • Four men loose, walking about safely in the fire
    • A crowd of angels
    • The three men turned to birds
    • The three men burned to death
    • His brother
    • The Jewish king
    • The Son of Eloah
    • A foreigner
    • a dove
    • a man
    • a woman
    • a terrible beast with horns
    • Faithful servants of the king
    • Servants of the most high Eloah
    • Jewish courtiers
    • Titled landowners
    • Go home and have a rest.
    • Go to the temple and worship Bel.
    • Go and tell every one what happened to them.
    • Come out of the furnace and stand before him.
    • The fire had no power on their bodies.
    • Their hair was not singed.
    • Only their clothing was burned.
    • There was no smell of fire on them.
    • Blessed be the Eloah of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
    • The deities of Babylon have failed me.
    • I was wrong to try to work magic against Yahuwah's prophecy.
    • Babylon shall remain for ever.
    • A foreign army he could not resist
    • A still, small voice
    • Yahuwah's angel
    • The king's dead father
    • He stopped using force in regard to religion.
    • He decreed that no one may speak against the Eloah of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
    • He decreed that the priests of all other deities should have their houses made a dunghill.
    • He began to worship Yahuwah, the true Eloah, only from then on.
    • That music is neutral in itself and can be used for good or bad.
    • That music is just a matter of taste.
    • That music is powerful and will lead into idolatry, if it is the sort of music to do so.
    • That only hymns should be sung or listened to.
    • To avoid trouble by conforming to the predominant faith around us
    • To ignore and avoid the heathen music and worship of the Babylonian-style churches around us
    • To be careful of fire
    • To stand up to the king