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eCourses Completion Status

Daniel Chapter 5 Lesson

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    • milk and honey
    • unfermented grape juice
    • wine
    • coca-cola
    • new crystalware
    • clay pots
    • German beer mugs
    • the golden vessels from the temple in Jerusalem
    • they praised eloahs of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, and stone
    • they praised the true Eloah of heaven
    • they toasted the king
    • they toasted Daniel for having lived so long
    • dishonored the false deities of Babylon
    • honored Yahuwah, the true Eloah of heaven
    • blasphemed Yahuwah, the true Eloah of heaven
    • helped to convert many of his princess to the worship of Yahuwah
    • health and well-being
    • riches and power
    • happiness and joy
    • the false doctrines of Babylon and the wrath of Yahuwah
    • immediately responded to Belshazzar’s actions
    • left Belshazzar to face his guilt on the day of judgment
    • praised Belshazzar for using the temple vessels
    • communicated His will through astrology
    • happy
    • ready to believe in Yahuwah's sovereignty
    • troubled and afraid
    • get sober quickly from his drunk
    • could read most of the languages in the world
    • were happy to interpret the writing on the wall
    • performed scientific experiments to determine the nature of the writing
    • could not understand what was written on the wall
    • That the writing was impossible to interpret
    • Not to worry, because Daniel could read it and say what it meant
    • That the words were Chinese ideograms
    • That the writing was old-fashioned writing from the time of Nebuchadnezzar
    • had the spirit of heathen deities in him to help him interpret things
    • still lived under the rule of the spirit of Yahuwah
    • had learned enough languages to read any message
    • was a particular friend of the queen
    • the Eloah of Israel helped him
    • the Canaanite and Philistine deities were more powerful than the deities of Babylon
    • the Babylonian deities gave Daniel the spirit of understanding
    • vegetarianism made his mind clearer
    • That he should be the third ruler of the kingdom
    • That he could marry the queen
    • That he could return to Jerusalem
    • That he would build a temple to Yahuwah in Jerusalem
    • He was happy to accept them.
    • He wanted them to share with his companions
    • He loved the king all the more for his generosity
    • He did not care about them and said the king could give them to someone else
    • The judgments that fell on Nebuchadnezzar
    • How much greater the Persians were than the Babylonians
    • That Jerusalem was still lying desolate
    • That Yahuwah would take care of His people
    • He remained proud and haughty
    • He humbled himself
    • He sacrificed to false deities
    • He gave the royal children a larger allowance
    • He wrote it down in a book
    • He was proud of his father’s accomplishments
    • He forgot all about it
    • He remembered what happened, but did not humble himself as his father had
    • Because Belshazzar defiled the temple vessels and did not acknowledge Yahuwah
    • Because Yahuwah had prophesied it would happen at that time
    • Because Yahuwah wanted to honor Daniel
    • Because Belshazzar was a good man and Yahuwah wanted to speak to him
    • Thou art the head of gold
    • Jerusalem will be rebuilt in your reign
    • Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin
    • Put your house in order, for you will soon enter heaven
    • Yahuwah has put an end to your kingdom, you are judged and found guilty, and the kingdom is divided among the Medes and Persians
    • The kingdom of Babylon would continue to exist until the second coming of Yahushua
    • That Belshazzar would live forever
    • Yahuwah is sovereign over all
    • He put him in prison, and that saved his life
    • He gave him the golden vessels from the temple
    • He gave him a new house
    • He gave him a scarlet robe, a gold necklace, and proclaimed him the third ruler of the kingdom
    • After three years
    • He never died, but Yahuwah took him alive to heaven
    • That very night
    • At a very great age
    • Darius the Median
    • Cyrus the great
    • Nebuchadnezzar
    • Daniel
    • That faithful service to the king will be rewarded
    • That Yahuwah sets a limit on pride and blasphemy and will eventually intervene
    • That feasting at night is bad for your health
    • That hallucinations result from drinking wine