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Apr 04, 2021

eCourses Completion Status

Daniel Chapter 6 Lesson

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    • 50, one for each state
    • 120
    • 12 to represent the disciples of Christ
    • 22 elders
    • 12 to represent the twelve tribes of Israel
    • 3
    • 2
    • 7
    • Belshazzar, the former king
    • Nebuchadnezzar
    • Daniel
    • Abednego
    • He was older than the others
    • He worshiped the Eloah of Israel
    • He had three friends
    • There was an excellent spirit in him
    • He was faithful
    • He was Jewish
    • He had a Babylonian education
    • He was helpful
    • In his faith and religion
    • In his knowledge of Medo-Persian law
    • In his honesty
    • In the way he treated his relatives
    • To the mother of the king
    • To the rival king of the Greeks
    • To Darius the king
    • To Pharaoh
    • Daniel’s death sentence
    • The deed to Daniel’s house
    • A letter of recommendation for each of them
    • A law that no one could worship anyone but the king for 30 days
    • Towards Mecca
    • Towards Jerusalem
    • Towards the east
    • Towards the great temple in Babylon
    • 1
    • 3
    • 7
    • 5
    • He stood with his hands raised
    • He sat in his pew
    • He bowed with his face to the ground
    • He knelt on his knees
    • Eating pork
    • Praying to Yahuwah, his Eloah
    • Obeying the king
    • Sleeping on the job
    • That he throw Daniel in a den of lions
    • That he forgive Daniel for praying to Yahuwah
    • That he annul the law
    • That he help them find other ways to destroy Daniel
    • He was happy to follow the law of the land
    • He ignored their demands
    • He was disappointed in himself and tried to save Daniel
    • He gave Daniel the right to defend himself
    • They gave him a scarlet robe and a chain of gold
    • They threw him in the den of lions
    • They gave him an award, a little golden image in honor of his service
    • They gave him citizenship
    • I’m sorry
    • You should have obeyed the law
    • The princes are right, because they are in the majority
    • Your Eloah will save you
    • So curious passers-by could not see Daniel
    • So the lions could not get out
    • So the king could not change his mind and take Daniel out of the den
    • So invading armies could not rescue Daniel
    • sleeplessly fasting
    • sleeping in his own bed
    • listening to music
    • feasting and drinking
    • He had a good breakfast
    • He had an early morning ride on his favorite horse
    • He forgot about Daniel
    • He went to the lions’ den quickly to see how Daniel was
    • An angel came and protected him from the lions
    • He was eaten up by the lions immediately
    • He was a lion trainer and got them to obey him
    • He made pets of the lions
    • He had him executed
    • He had him taken up out of the lions’ den
    • He immediately told his mother
    • He invited Daniel for a day at the palace
    • He thanked them for their service
    • He removed them from office
    • He gave each one a costly robe and a golden necklace
    • He had them executed
    • That people should not worship him any longer
    • That everyone should recognize that the Eloah of Israel is the true Eloah
    • That people should have freedom of religion
    • That Islam is the religion of the Persian empire
    • That we should pray to Yahuwah every day no matter what
    • That we should follow the religion of the country in which we live
    • That we should look up to government officials
    • That we need a king to put things in order