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This study of Zechariah 14's Return of Christ will incorporate Google Earth. We find something pretty cool on the Mount of Olives that shall be split in half.
Time: 00:23:23
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I made a model of Ezekiels Temple. I am shocked how beautiful it will be!
Time: 00:27:53
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Coming Revival in Jerusalem - Parts 1 & 2 (By Keith Malcomson)
Time: 02:00:02
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The purpose of this documentary is not to provide scientific, practical, or Biblical evidence against heliocentric doctrine. But rather, to trace the presently raging cosmology dispute back to its ancient heritage.
Time: 01:42:45
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In contrast to the deity of Christ claim that Jesus couldn’t be a mere man, the Bible declares explicitly that Jesus had to be a real (mere) human being.
Time: 00:21:46
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The miracle of the nation of Israel is a reality and a testimony to God’s existence.
Time: 00:35:18
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Phil Driscol Playing the Shofar like a trumpet
Time: 00:08:26
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“The Blessing” (Live) video by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes.
Time: 00:07:46
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In the final message of "the Battle for the Mind" this message is about the upcoming transhumanism. When the church sees "transhumanism" then be ready for the world is almost over.
Time: 01:12:21
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Who Are The Merchants of Tarshish - Part 2 (by Keith Malcomson)
Time: 01:03:00
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Who Are The Merchants of Tarshish? - Part 1 (by Keith Malcomson)
Time: 01:25:21
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Is the Ukraine - Russia War what is being talked about in Biblical Prophecy?
Time: 01:00:22
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Is what is happening in Russia and Ukraine the Gog and Magog war? What is the difference?
Time: 01:03:57
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This Nation Has an Invisible Protective Hand Over It | Absolute Proof For The Existence of God
Time: 00:17:55
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Berel Wein's groundbreaking documentary "Faith and Fate" captures the two most monumental events in recent Jewish history - the Holocaust and the birth of the State of Israel.
Time: 01:50:47
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Tarshish and her young lions are mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13 as opposing this invasion. The scriptures on Tarshish show she is the UK (not Spain).
Time: 00:28:30
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Pastor Derek discusses with Anne Dawson the place of the UK in Bible Prophecy.  Derek makes the case that the UK is Biblical Tarshish.
Time: 00:55:05
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This series details the significance of China in the biblical narrative and outlines the future role of this great nation in the Kingdom age when Christ will Rule as King over the whole earth.
Time: 00:41:22
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