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In this lesson, I briefly review what I’ve covered in this series, and then I take a look at marriage in Hebrew culture, and the specifics of the divorce certificate in that same culture.
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Here, I cover some preliminary thoughts I’ve had while studying Exodus 22:16-17, namely that a good marriage is key...
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This is a short lesson for us husbands. The Apostle Peter specifically tells you that your lack of relationship with your wife can interfere with your prayers.
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Divorce and Remarriage: We cover Deuteronomy 24, Matthew 5, Matthew 19, and Malachi 2.
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When a man and woman get married, they are called to picture a greater relationship than theirs.
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There are Christians in the world today, and Churches as a whole who do not believe there is any valid reason for a Christian to get a divorce.
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So many times I’ve heard something like this: “Well I know the law taught one thing about divorce and remarriage, but Christ overturned that. He gave new, stricter law.” Why do people think this?
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A look at Matthew 19 and Mark 10. Mark’s account gets left out of just about every lecture on this topic.
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What did the Law of Moses teach about divorce? By comparing a text in Deuteronomy with Yeshua's words to the Pharisees, we begin to see a clear picture of the reason for divorce...
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When the Pharisees asked Yeshua about divorce he answered their question with a question. He wanted them to see that they had missed an entire teaching section in the Torah, about marriage.
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In this lesson, I begin covering a topic that is grossly misunderstood due to (1) mistranslations in our English Bibles, and (2) a neglect of the law of Moses.
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