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How To Study The Bible?

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    • Because they lacked the true knowledge, and refused acquiring His saving knowledge.
    • Because they knew what was right but did not follow it
    • Because they went after other 'holy' books
    • Love
    • Eternal life
    • Yahuwah's law
    • Moses
    • Peter
    • Paul
    • You need to study Hebrew and Greek to really understand the Bible.
    • Go to church pastor to confirm that what you understood in the Bible is correct.
    • Be humble and teachable.
    • Yes
    • No
    • The ability to do miracles.
    • The Holy Spirit to give true understanding and Yahuwah's wisdom.
    • Patience and ability to teach.
    • True
    • False
    • Infidels
    • Hypocrites
    • Fools
    • False
    • True
    • They searched the Scriptures daily comparing what they heard in the ekklesia with the Bible.
    • They gave generously to support the evangelism of the disciples.
    • They listened to and obeyed everything the Apostle Paul had to say.
    • Dreams and visions
    • Our Pastors
    • The Spirit of Yahuwah
    • Feelings
    • Faith
    • Miracles
    • Yes
    • No