Yahushua a [mere] man
When we affirm this fact, we are stating that he had a single nature, which was 100% human. The Bible does not speak about a dual nature Christ, fully divine and fully human. Such teaching is nonsensical, which Trinitarians and Oneness believers promote. WLC has freed itself from these falsehoods. Yahushua was a mere man up to his death. But after Yahuwah raised him from death, He elevated him above all angels and made Him second to Him alone. Such glorification was because he perfectly fulfilled Yahuwah's intent for humanity. Placing our complete trust in this Christ will avail us eternal life. The dual nature christ does not exist anywhere, and those who trust this non-existent [fictional] christ will forfeit their claim to eternal life. Click here to enjoy listening to this lecture on this subject by Bill Schlegel.
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WLC deeply appreciates your heartfelt "Thank You" for receiving the free book set and The Pilgrim's Progress MP3. We strongly desire for these precious resources to be enjoyed by as many people around the world as possible as they will prove most invaluable for those who are preparing themselves to stand blameless at the Second Coming of Yahushua.
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Written by: Jack Ittera India
The books THE LAST CALL, IN THE BEGINNING, DESIRE OF AGES are a perfect complement to the Bible (the word of Eloah) in that it interprets and demystifies the end-time prophecies of revelation and the word in a simple and comprehensive manner. These books are an invaluable source of understanding of the scriptures and the history of salvation, and is relevant to the times for the salvation of our own souls as well as our loved ones, as it’s the matter of life and death, eternal life and death! More so because no one else can make this decision for us! And no one else must too! Hence highly recommend these books for every soul on earth that they may register as members of the WLC community, receive the free gift set of books and read it with patience for the love of truth (for patience is another name for saints) to understand the signs of the times and the dangers of being ignorant and indecisive! In the prophecies, our loving Yahushua reveals to us that we are just single digit years away from the second coming of the Savior and even closer to the cut-off time of probation.
Written by: FORTUNE TUSA Zimbabwe
I was filled with great joy when i received my free gift of a book set. It is helping me a lot to to live a peaceful and righteousness life. I'm not the only one who is benefiting from these books but my family and members of the church as well. These books are a must have in each and every household.
Written by: Nicasio Martinez Philippines
No words will ever express the deep gratitude of receiving your WLC free 4/volume 'gift'. I had asked of local SDA member of borrowing even Desire Of Ages, it never happened. Read these books ages ago, now at 78, finding the 'old' pathway back to truth, truths I never knew of before -- I am thankful. It has troubled me, why we do not see the power of ministry as when Christ dwelt and taught with His disciples. The casting out of demons, from my life, and the lives of all humans, is so urgently needed, understood beyond being out-of-date, or mythical. Pray, all such demon influence will be flushed out of my life, as I now reading the last quarter of DA. May God bring the truth of light to WLC and not let the WLC ministry function in nothing less than the enlightenment from God personally. May God's messengers visit those in WLC service and those of us who have been blessed by you beyond description of benevolence towards the global world population. To say more would be writing in vain glory -- thanks for the blessings...
Written by: Henry Benware United States
These free gifts are beatiful blessings of inspiration, wisdom, and prophecy. Blessings and peace be unto Worldslastchance.com
Written by: Adusumilli Srikanth India
nice i received gift good books for ritual life
Written by: Virginia Brown United States
I'm so looking forward to receiving my free gifts, and meeting my new friends from around the world. I live in the USA. My name is Virginia Brown and I'm 70 years old. My friends call me Ginny. :o0
Written by: Lana Lee United States
The whole set I received in the mail is a blessing, but I especially love The Pilgrim's Progress audiobook! It has helped me tremendously in my spiritual walk on the "narrow path". It reminds me that as Christians, we are pilgrims on this earth, and that if we choose Yahushua, then we CANNOT let up our guard against sin and the devil--who is a fallen foe. I want to be as faithful, brave, loyal, and joyful as Christian, Faithful, and Hopeful as well as Christiana and Great-Heart (who are from the 2nd part)! May Yahuwah bless all who listen intently to this great story, and may their faith be strengthened!
Written by: Victor Ijadunminiyi Nigeria
I can't wait to receive my copies of the membership gifts
Written by: Hiwanawavali Isak Namibia
Thank you very much, book set has been a blessing to me
Written by: Victor Ijadunminiyi Nigeria
I eagerly anticipate my book set. I asked a fellow nigerian how long it takes and he said it takes 6 weeks for the books to arrive. I would read it, study it and teach others. i want to ask if its is posssible to use my points in re-ordering for "The Last Call" book after getting it as a membership gift. Thank you
Written by: Admire Machingauta Zimbabwe
Thank you so much for the gifts. God bless you.
Written by: Neil Seal United States
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was reading the other night on my computer just thinking, " I really need to get some actual books to read instead of looking at this screen full of distractions." And BAM, the next day I received the book set and I am so grateful! TRULY A BLESSING AND AN INVALUABLE GIFT! Thanks!
Written by: gary bemis United States
I testify that this set will inspire and direct your life
Written by: placid norbert India
Written by: shaolin tamisen Philippines
thank you for the opportunity, so we can avail the books for free in order for us to be read the gospel, and to gain knowledge and having our faith to be strengthen and not easilly deceived by the false teachers.
Written by: Elizabeth Knapp United States
I cannot express enough how much of an impact this free book set has had on my life. I feel I am opening my eyes more and more every day. I see things in a new way and I am constantly spreading the word. Again, I cannot thank you enough for this set. I shall be passing it on to those who are interested, as well as information about your site. Thank you for all the resources and unending guidance you provide. Sincerely - Elizabeth
Written by: Ruth LeValley United States
I am so blessed by the books you sent to me.
Written by: Michael Clements United States
Thank you for these wonderful books ,being an ex-SDA it helped and gave me information I needed to understand.The Creator leads us to a little truth at a time until we get the big picture.It was no accident that I was lead to this site,Since I have started a WLC group on Seen Life site similar to Facebook,so far 7 people have join hopefully they will join this community.
Written by: Jack Ittera India
GOD’S LOVE FOR MAN: INFINITELY PRICELESS INDEED! And so is WLC’s free gift set aptly titled “GOD’S LOVE FOR MAN”, consisting of the four books THE LAST CALL, IN THE BEGINNING, THE DESIRE OF AGES, HEAVEN’S HEALING and THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS CD. For those who hunger and thirst for Yahuwah’s righteousness, truth and love these books will lead to a process of inquiry, discovery and research into all truth, prophecies and revelations which will direct us all to Yahuwah’s magnanimous love, Yahushua’s perfect and priceless sacrifice, His invaluable saving grace and His powerful Spirit. And this surely shall be the greatest reward of our high calling, the knowledge of Yahushua and Yahuwah the true and living Eloah! For this, this truly is eternal life!
Written by: Sergey Kostyuchenko Ukraine
Thank you for the wonderful gift. These amazing books miraculously stimulate more in-depth study in the knowledge of the truth. I am very grateful to WLC.
Written by: NEEMA MAKOKO United States
Thank you for the gift i received it helped me to read and accomplished ecourse Neema Makoko
Written by: NEEMA MAKOKO United States
Thank you for the gift i received it helped me to read and accomplished ecourse Neema Makoko
Written by: Denzel Mthokozisi Makombe Zimbabwe
I would to thank you so much for the package you sent me. It has helped me in a wonderful way and my Spiritual life has improved greatly through these books and the CD. Thank you WLC.
Written by: fenan nahak Indonesia
I would to thank you so much for the package you sent me. It has helped me in a wonderful way and my Spiritual life has improved greatly through these books and the CD. Thank you WLC. It is so bless me.
Written by: Stan Osborne South Africa
What a blessing the gift is to me and my family. May Father bless you for WLC. This site has made me aware of the truths of our Father's Name. The Godhead and calendar. Now with the flat earth as part of WLC. What a blessing. Back to the free gift set; Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Written by: Antares Putra Indonesia
Since around 2010, I've heard many things from WLC, even I studied them since a couple of months ago. By studying WLC, I hope that we, The Almighty's children, will receive the Good News and share them to others. Invite others to learn the truth about our Creator and His Son. Feel free to be part of WLC member. Each one of us welcomes you!
Written by: Frieda Karamoy United States
I'm so thankful for being led through WLC. Thank you for free registration to be able to access the E-Course which are all so beneficial for spiritual knowledge and growth. It's just amazing!!! Not only that, and I also have received the two boxes with books as promised, two sets in two boxes., one set in each box. The books are wonderful!!! Thank you for through WLC, I have found the truth. Blessings of Yahiwah to be yours all.., and all of us.
Written by: Kresta Ryka Galvan Philippines
I received the books and personally I am grateful. Although it was written in Tagalog which I am not very fluent and to which I have slow comprehension beside the fact that I am a Filipino. I was just used to reading material in English. But still, I am very happy to have received the books. Thank you and may our Heavenly Father bless you more.
Written by: Joseph Oyedele Nigeria
I am very greatful that I was created in the image of God. He is the uncreated creator , He knows the intentions of every living creation and He responds to every man intention but by His mercy we are not consumed by the daily evil activities around us. Your books which I received some years ago opened my eyes to life issues that only need God surverenty power to handle. The wisdom of God enlightens the hearts of men unto righteousness. The purpose of every man existence is to glorify God on earth by exhibiting His a genders for men on earth. I bless God for being part of those who enjoy the gift of your books
Written by: nestor bernil jr Philippines
thank you, i am really exited to read and still hope while waiting for free books..