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Are you receiving the latter rain? It is falling now! | Part C

The King James Version (KJV) is mostly used in these lessons. Click here to access the KJV online.
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Hardened Through Disobedience

The history of the Israelite nation is a solemn warning to believers today. It reveals the dire consequences of closing the heart to advancing light. The very first step the Israelites took in rejecting the Saviour was a dangerous one as it established a precedent of rejecting truth. Later, as reports of His great wisdom, His superior character, the miracles He performed came in, the conviction took hold that Yahushua was indeed the long awaited Messiah. But fallen human nature being what it is, pride would not let the leaders admit to having made a mistake. The leaders then influenced the rest of the nation to reject the Saviour and the people were too proud to admit they had placed their faith in leaders that were wrong.

wheat field (Image used by permission of James Richman)

The latter rain is given to get hearts ready for the harvest. Only those who accept this advanced light will reach the level of full maturity in Yahushua (Image used by permission of James Richman.)

Every sincere truth seeker should be aware that this same scenario is being repeated today. Church members are presented with new light and, far too often, their first reaction is to run to their pastor, priest or rabbi, eagerly inquiring, “Is this true?”

Religious leaders are well aware that the new light contradicts some established doctrine of the organization that pays their salary. It is in their best interests to reject all new light, and they do. This author is personally acquainted with a handful of Seventh-day Adventist pastors who are convicted that the lunar Sabbath is true, but they do not teach it to their congregations. They stay silent. They continue to draw a pay check from an organization that has taken a stance against this increased light. This is repeated every time someone makes another human being the final authority on what is truth.

Why are these people asking man and not Yahuwah? The Father has graciously invited all to come to Him for wisdom: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of Yah, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” (James 1:5, KJV)

Like the Pharisees of Yahushua’s day, the religious leaders of today take great pride in their learning. They have been to seminary! They have studied Hebrew and Biblical Greek. They have read scholastic works that the average person has never even heard of! They take it for granted that they have superior knowledge and feel indignant at the possibility that some of their beliefs may be in error.

Thus, pride steps in and they feel contempt for anyone who would suggest they might have a more advanced grasp of truth than the leaders themselves. They dismiss the evidence offered with, at times spurious, at times confusing, arguments. The leaders themselves do not study with open minds because it is in their personal best interests to support the status quo. By their example, they lead the masses to doubt any new light and encourage suspicion of anyone who would dare to question.

When additional evidence reaches the mind of the religious leaders and they are convinced of the truth, they still do not admit it to their followers. All the evidence in the world is not sufficient to break through hardened pride. They stubbornly maintain their course, refusing to admit that they were wrong.

There is danger that when [Yahuwah] shall send his people special light, they will also place themselves on the side of the Pharisees. But let not one of the people who have had advanced light, take the position that they have all the light that is to be revealed for all time, and that there are no further rays to shine upon their pathway from the word of [Yah]. The more our people search the Scriptures, the more will be revealed the rich and precious gems of truth. Will those who have felt the spirit of oppression from their brethren in the churches, do that which they condemn in others? Will they do as did the self-righteous Pharisees? Will they meet argument with ridicule, jest, and sarcasm? Will they say of the light-bearer as the Pharisees did of the world’s Redeemer, “He hath a devil”? Will they be ready to forbid his message, “because he followeth not with us”? Will the messenger whom [Yahuwah] shall send with special light be treated with ridicule and contempt, as Paul was treated by the heathen, who said, “Let us hear what this babbler hath to say”?7

Rejoicing In The Light

When you go to Yahuwah for yourself, He will teach you individually. It is not necessary to ask the opinions of religious leaders. Truths learned this way become very precious. When Yahuwah is your teacher, He will settle you into the truth so that nothing can shake your faith.

It is very faith-inspiring to look back over the experiences Yahuwah has led through, the truths He has taught.

wheat field at sunsetThe WLC team is no different from you. We are simply a group of humble believers, scattered around the world, who love Yahuwah and who have a burning desire to share truth as it is brought to our awareness. This has sometimes required a public confession of past error. But truth is so precious it is always worth it! We never wish to allow pride to keep us from acknowledging past mistakes. Truth alone matters.

With every acceptance of advanced light, more truth is given as the refreshing showers of the latter rain bring ever more truth. It is these very truths that prepare souls for the harvest at the end of the world.

This journey began in 2000 for the WLC team when we became convicted of the need to flee all fallen and apostate organizations. After resolving to follow Yahushua and Yahushua alone, the Father has rained upon us His heavenly showers generously and continuously in the following chronological order:

Year 2002:

Year 2005:

Year 2006:

Year 2009:

Year 2010:

Year 2011:

Year 2012:

Year 2013:

Year 2015:

  • * Understanding the freedom Yahuwah gave on the subject of baptism, as inspired by the experience of the Anabaptists.

Year 2016:

Accepting Light, Discarding Error

New light is not something to fear or dread. It is a tremendous gift! Every ray of new light also reveals error. Accepted with gratitude and brought into the life through obedience, it prepares the heart for eternity.

Pray for new light. Search diligently for it, as for hidden gems. There is no better proof that Yahuwah is leading you than that He is still teaching you His doctrine.

Examine your own heart. What new light have you received? Is there light that you rejected? Are you sure that it was error you rejected and not light? Go back and restudy. Studying with an open mind means that you consider all the evidence with a heart willing to obey if the Holy Spirit convicts you that it is truth. Make sure that you have accepted all the light available and plead for more.

The latter rain is being poured out. The wealth of information and truth now available is unprecedented in the long centuries of spiritual darkness that enshrouded the world. This new light is of the utmost importance to your soul because it is this light that is preparing you to meet Yahushua in peace when He comes.

And He is almost here!

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