John 1
For all Trinitarians, John provides a 'solid' proof of Christ's divinity, especially in what he penned in the first chapter of his gospel. They throw at you John 1:1 to end the discussion whenever you attempt to present the biblical one-nature human Yahushua. We need to learn how to help our Trinitarian friends understand John's words as he intended for them to be understood. Professor Bill Schlegel provides invaluable tips on this subject in this excellent presentation. Click here to listen to his lecture.
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Shalom Ben Yah! Greetings from Yahawah Yireh Centre, Pakistan! Dear Brethren & Sisters! I give thanks & praises to Almighty, Yah! Our Creator (YHWH, aka Yah - Elohiym) of us all, from Adam & Eve, down the lineage to our mothers & fathers, and us, and our children. I choose to honor Him by using His Holy Name as originally used in Ancient Hebrew, Yahawah (Yahuwah), as represented by the Tetragrammaton... YHWH, as opposed to the modern Europeans’ English version... God, which removes His Name and belittle His Supremacy! We do not address an “actor” by calling him “the actor”, but we address him by his name to identify and respect him , ie. John Doe. Names are very important, so we shall continue to pay our respects by addressing our Creator (Elohiym) by His Name... Yahawah or Yah (in short form). While searching about this truth, I came across your website ( as it is said in the Holy Bible that: And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13) I was glad to see that as we ourselves are serving our Lord with same vision that your team is propagating through your ministry Worlds Last Chance. I also came across your Youtube Chanel and was amazed to see that you have the same teachings in so many languages but doesn’t have anything in our Pakistani Languages. So, I along with our team of widows serving needy orphans and widows through Yahawah Yireh Centre offer our services for the translation, voice over dubbing of your videos and along with translation of your worthy material, articles, teachings, tracts, booklets and lessons in Pakistani languages. Any love gift for these services will be utilized to fulfil the needs of our widows and orphans associated with our ministry as well. I am a widow, raising a daughter from my loving husband, who died in a road accident 3 years ago. My husband was my great support for initiating my cause for widows and orphans and serve the Lord Almighty Yahawah. I was struggling with my health issues from last few years but was diagnosed Breast Cancer just last year. Nearly 40,000 women die in Pakistan every year due to breast cancer. Pakistan has the highest incidence of Asia which is largely due to the lack of awareness regarding this problem among women. Just by early diagnosis, breast cancer can be cured and efficient treatment options are available. Breast cancer surgery is primarily the major component of breast cancer treatment that involves removing cancer with an operation. Breast cancer surgery can be done alone or in combination with other treatments like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy and radiation therapy. In women where there is a serious risk of breast cancer, breast cancer surgery may be an option to reduce the risk of developing future breast cancer. In my case Breast Cancer Surgery along with Chemotherapy is suggested by Dr. Maryam Jamil of Doctors Hospital Lahore. My concern for approaching you is to explore new working possibility with Worlds Last Chance for regular support of our ministry Yahawah Yireh Centre’s work for orphan and widows and also to seek any immediate help for my Breast Cancer Surgery as delay in treatment will worsen my problem. The cost is quite high for this treatment and immediate help is needed in this context. So, in this context, we seek any upfront money along with provision of work for any of the Pakistani Language specifically Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto or SIndhi that are major languages of Pakistan. Your kind prompt response will be highly appreciated regarding our request. May the Almighty Yahawah bless you and your work always and ever. Prayerfully, Sister Gulshan Anwar, Team Leader, Yahawah Yireh Centre, House No. 2/A, Christian Colony, Habib Park More Samnabad, Mohalah Rustam Park, Lahore, 42000, Punjab, Pakistan
Written by: Subash Thapa Nepal
This is very wonderful.
Written by: Subash Thapa Nepal
Thanks for the content.
Written by: anderson nascimento Brazil
É uma ótima historia
Written by: Wankitbok Jyrwa India
I have been listening to this audio cd n it really touches my heart... Thank You WLC...
Written by: Jennifer Anyi Malaysia
This is great, amazing story-written with holy scripture mix with adventure and I love it. Thank WLC for the sweet gift.
Written by: Abraham Aiad United States
This is so amazing! It is like the Bible in story.
Written by: Abraham Aiad United States
This is so amazing! It is like the Bible in story.
Written by: Abraham Aiad United States
This is so amazing! It is like the Bible in story.
Written by: whiteson mpolelwa Zambia
I received a gift and I it's help to teacher others but the problem is that I don't have a Bible
Written by: Christian OCampo United States
I have worked for a Christian bookstore and I am very familiar with this book. It's very inspiring and encouraging in our walk with Yahuwah!
Written by: David Ruzzo United States
I recently listened to the Pilgrim's Progress CD. I have been a member of WLC for some years now but after re-listening to the PP I have found it more understandable and enjoyable the second time around. Thanks brothers and sisters of WLC.
Written by: gabriela quesada viana Brazil
Adorei. simplesmente amazing
Written by: Paul Carl United States
I have listened to parts of it during study time. great tool Thanks for sending it. I plan on having others listen as well. there is so much to learn on this site. I am SO glad God directed me here.
Written by: SHAUNNA RODGERS United States
Great listening. Thanks so much so very insightful
Written by: RHONDA NOCTOR Tonga
Written by: RHONDA NOCTOR Tonga
Written by: EMMANUEL AKOR Nigeria
Losing lots of good friends, he never gave up, he thought positively, even thou he walked through the valley of the shadow of death, the Lord was with him. He never gave up until he reached the celestial city. Christianity is not an easy road it is fill trials and triumphs all together.
Written by: Zachary Marines United States
thanks for the pilgims progress cd it is a great book in mp3 and thanks for all you do to keep us informed and updated.
Written by: Zachary Marines United States
thanks for the pilgims progress cd it is a great book in mp3 and thanks for all you do to keep us informed and updated.
Written by: Joseph Trager Nigeria
Hello brother, thank you for the gift even though I got only THE ELEVENTH HOUR Book, but it has been a great blessing for me and the people who I have found it difficult teaching through the internet because here in Nigeria many Christians believe internet is deceit. But the book have helped me teach them and refer them easily to the Bible for clarification of any doubts. Once more thank you very much and remain blessed.
Written by: Londa Love United States
Thank you for sharing this! I will definitely encourage others to listen to this!
Written by: emmanuel mensah Ghana
I listened to a recordings of The Pilgrim's Progress' that a friend sent me. Can I request for one? Thank you
Written by: Florence Jones United States
Deeply spiritual and encouraging, Thank you for The Pilgrim's Progress.
Written by: Hamzah Ali Nsubuga Uganda
Hello, After listening to this, I really got encouraged, knowing that Christian had alot of burdens and that the only one capable of lifting those burens off of him was our lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he was tested through various trials but he never gave up on God, he followed the word, even though he lost alot of good friends, he never gave up, he always thought positively, even thou he walked through the valley of the shadow of death, the Lord was with him. He never gave up until he reached the celestial city.
Written by: Great Sacardo Ghana
Free gifts received. The message is invaluable. God bless WLC
Written by: Thiemio Haspel Austria
A nice story of a journey of a Bible believer and his trials and tests of Faith. Many biblical passages are told In A new form. But the Luni solar Calendar and the Hebrew names Yahuwah and Yahushua aren't used In this tale.
Written by: Kathy Brooks United States
I started my journey at the age of 12. I was baptized in a Baptist church. My search started from that point on. Becoming discontented with the church and constantly having questions about the pagan holidays, I left the traditional church, Ten + years I've been finding information about how we are to serve Yahuwah (God) and that God has a name and the true name of his son is Yeshua (Jesus) I also learn the origin of Christianity and how it has created doctrines, added on and taken away and hold fast to pagan customs. I want the TRUTH!! I am now 68 yrs old, I love the word of Yahweh for it is truly, Psalm 119:105 it says," Your word is a lamp for my feet a light on my path." I could not have made it this far had He not shown Grace and Mercy !
Written by: Linh Chi Viet Nam
Cảm ơn bạn vì tôi đã nhận được món quà này vào ngày hôm qua. tôi sẽ xem nó và hiểu biết lẽ thật của GIÊ HÔ VA chia sẻ cho nhiều người biết.
Written by: Tatyana Burlay Ukraine
Thank you for this gift!