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A continuous weekly cycle, anchored to nothing in nature, is a man-made institution.  The International Date Line i……
Apr 14, 2023
Yahuwah's New Heaven & Earth is a Post-Millennium Event. Here's why...…
Apr 11, 2023
Yahuwah’s New Heaven & Earth is a Post-Millennium Event. Here's why:…
Apr 07, 2023
The Incarnation Is A False Teaching! It is taught by trinitarianism that Yahushua pre-existed and was incarnated i……
Mar 31, 2023
14 Reasons Why I Won’t Watch "The Chosen" (A Non-WLC Article) --> A MUST READ for Yahuwah's faithful!…
Mar 24, 2023
It’s not a sin to be human! There’s an unspoken belief that the state of being human is itself intrinsically sinfu……
Mar 17, 2023
8 Indispensable Weapons in the War Against Sexual Sins! READ:… WATCH:…
Mar 10, 2023
The origins of Saturday reveal the shocking identities of the hidden god and his representative. Scripture reveals……
Mar 03, 2023
This shocking compilation of facts about the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, is a must read for any Bible Prophecy St……
Feb 24, 2023
Revelation 17 & the 7 Kings: WLC has long taught that the seven mountains/kings are seven popes, with the late Bene……
Feb 17, 2023
RT @LTCUnderground: Saturday Morning Underground #3 - Ordinals and Principles…
Feb 11, 2023
Transhumanism is Satan’s ultimate goal: men created in his own image. MUST READ:…
Feb 09, 2023
@TELANGANAPOKADA Hi Friend, these videos are no longer published, as our views have changed on these subjects. WLC……
Feb 03, 2023
Yahuwah is the best friend you will ever have. Here’s why . . .…
Feb 03, 2023
DANGER! ---> A Non-WLC Article: "14 Reasons Why I Won’t Watch The Chosen"…
Jan 26, 2023
Faith is the victory! "For whatever is born of Yahuwah overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has over……
Jan 19, 2023
"Papal Infallibility: It’s not what most Protestants think!" --> The doctrine of infallibility, while not what many……
Jan 13, 2023
The Creator is very specific about which times are appointed for worship. In the beginning, He created a time-keep……
Jan 06, 2023
A little late, but still important! Discover the pagan origins of Christmas. When a man or a woman is honestly mist……
Dec 30, 2022
Come Out of Her, My People! - The last message of mercy ever to be given. - Time will soon be no more! - Yahuwah's……
Dec 23, 2022

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Written by: ramon orcena Philippines
wow thank you!...
Written by: Pham Bich Nhung Vietnam
thank you WLC, I can learn a lot from you.
Written by: gifty aidoo Ghana
Written by: michael baidoo Ghana
thank you
Written by: Jamthienlal Haokip India
thank you
Written by: Dao Duy Anh Vietnam
...WLC...Thanks...I wish God bless in your ministry.
Written by: MOSES ONODUA Nigeria
Written by: INES TORRES Portugal
thank you for sent me that wonderfull books
Written by: Johny Anthony India
Thanx a lot i have received my copies of book and they are wonderful my frinds also loved it a lot when they saw it
Written by: krupa kar India
Praise the Lord, Im krupakar, Thanks 4 sending the free books.. Im praying 4 ur ministry also. Pray 4 me also toget job and to settle in the life..
Written by: Top Lama India
I am Top lama from from nepal. Now I am studying in India UBS Pune. While I was five year old my parent accepted Jesus Christ and they led me Church. During my age of 18 I realized that I am sinner and and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. Since that I have been working in the Church and Now I am in India for my theological studies. And thank you for this website to share my simple testimony. May the Lord bless this community Top
Written by: anand tamang India
I am Anand Tamang from Nepal. Now I am doing my Master of Divinity in UBS,Pune, India. I am interested in making friend with every one. Please fill free and write to me.
Written by: anand tamang India
I was born and brought up in Christian family.At the age of 15 i accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.Same year I took baptism. Then I served the Lord in my teens day.Till I am working his kingdom to expand. Now I am studding Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India.
Written by: Nancy Gonzalez United States
Thank you so much, thank you God, Thanks WLC, the books are awsome!!! Can't believe it, I got them!
Written by: Thongzamang Haokip India
I was born in a christian family, in the year 1994 i received Jesus as my personal saviour, and started working in our mission office, in the year 2003 and now i went for further study, BD in Pune UBS so that I can do furhter work in my ministry.
Written by: ERNEST KOFI BONSU Ghana
I thank God for recieving this books .
Written by: Krupa John Wesley Sade India
Thank you very much for sending me books..i just received and saw that they are wonderful..thank you very much
Written by: Banji Oyewo Nigeria
I wish to register with many thanks the reciept of my volume set of books, I am so happy and joyful, i hope my knowledge would be broaden with them and i promise to make the books my companion and study them very well. thanks WLC , many thanks
Written by: Lidia Uzunova Bulgaria
thank you very much for your t-shirt!Its nice!
Written by: lord nick Nigeria
wow wow wow, this was too good to be true, what you have done is a practical demonstration of TRUE LOVE and may GOD replenish you a million folds, truly you are blessed cos it is more blessed to give than to receive, those lovely books sent are treasures, countless thanks,
Written by: VICTORIA BAMIDELE Nigeria
Thank you WLC, I really appreciate this. The has thought me so many thing including my health. God bless this ministry.
Written by: jethro Rodriguez Philippines
i thank you also becauas i know this website and i know more \bout it
Written by: monisha monisha India
i thank jesus for giving me these books through WLC. i have received birthday is on [november 29] so i consider this as a gift from jesus. thank you so much.
Written by: adex wahyd Nigeria
i have received my 4 free set of book thank you very much. may God continue to enrich wlc team.
Written by: susi la India
Thank you so much for WLC Team
Written by: D S C Edirisooriya Sri Lanka
Thank you very much WLC for the gift. I feel its a gift from heaven. Thank you once again. God Bless you all Chinthana from Sri Lanka
Written by: sampson lamptey Ghana
Thank you the heavens healing has really made me understand the love god have for us and has provided every thing which will make us live a healthy lives,the sun to provide vitamins to help the body,the foods that we eat and many others this book is a must study book to make me live a simple and sound life.
Written by: Anand Tamang India
"I am Anand Tamang. I was born in Buddhist family and brought up in Christian family. I was brought up in spiritual background in my childhood. I usually go to church in my childhood itself. I used to think that born in Christian family is a symbol of Christian. Therefore no need to repentance to my sin but when I was 15 years old I attended Crusade conducted by Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ, from that crusade I came to know that every single person need to accept Jesus Christ as personal saviour . At that moment i accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.The following year I took baptism through my local church pastor.Than I join Nepal Campus Crusade For Christ at the age of 19.At the age of 25 I finished my B.Th.(A.T.A.) from Gospel for Asia Biblical Seminary Kerala,India.After my theological study I am doing God's ministry as a full time pastor since 2002 April to till today.
Written by: Casey Paite India
It's an honour to be member of this community and you guys make it better by sending me these valuable books. I have started reading the books and I believe these books will keep me occupied during the cold winter holidays.
Written by: maxz tous India
Thank you WLC and the co-ordinators for sending me these valuable books which i really need! GOD bless YOU and your WORK, FAMILY through his riches in CHRIST. I'm more than happy to write this testimony! GOD is counting on you, so keep up the GOOD work!