Why Russia?
Russia is the only modern country mentioned by name in the Old Testament. Today, its news permeates every media type due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This war will end with a decisive win for Russia. We are not rooting for Russia. (We yearn for the return of Yahushua to Earth to put a decisive end to all wars and conflicts). But Yahuwah has a severe grievance to settle with Russia. He will execute His revenge against Russia before all the nations in the next war that Russia will wage. As Bible believers, we must follow current events hawkishly, as they are clear signs of the times, heralding the imminent establishment of Yahuwah's eternal kingdom on earth. Click here to learn more.
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WLC deeply appreciates your heartfelt "Thank You" for receiving the free book set and The Pilgrim's Progress MP3. We strongly desire for these precious resources to be enjoyed by as many people around the world as possible as they will prove most invaluable for those who are preparing themselves to stand blameless at the Second Coming of Yahushua.
4230 members have written testimonials of their gratitude for the FREE Membership Gifts and countless others have emailed us directly about how these resources positively impacted their lives. Your kind words of appreciation will go a long way to encourage others to join WLC to receive these same gifts. WLC kindly thanks you for your help!
Written by: eric yankey Ghana
i thank you very much. i have suceessfully received the books.it a very eye openng book which i started enjoyng every bit of it.i have reomended tv to friiends and they want copies of them.can request some for them. God bless you for your good works
Written by: Melinda Garcia Philippines
Thank you WLC!
Written by: Obinna Oviah Nigeria
Thanks for the books
I am very delighted to receive the books from WLC they are so wonderful and i cant wait to start reading them the workmanship is great and i am looking forward to tap the blessings therein together with my family. From:Joseph O. Aluoch Kenya
Written by: jessyl anne arbiol Philippines
Finally I have time to read the books that you guys sent. Took me a long time to give it attention coz I was graduating in my Nursing course,then had reviews for the exams. Now I'm just waiting for the result.Whew!
Written by: Jay Sanches United States
So grateful for the generous, let alone, considerate people of God involved in WLC. Amazing is the works of these people, their site, their approach on getting out the Word to the masses. So thankful for the books sent to me. Soul saving, beneficial material. Thank you!!! And to think I was a bit skeptical, at first. Much love, in Christ.
Written by: Alexander Waithira Kenya
Though Heavens Healing describes the foods to eat and avoid,firm believe in God surpasses all these,situations warranting, as demonstrated by Shadrack,Meshack and Abednego in the book of Daniel.
Written by: isaac asare Ghana
Thanks a million times;WLC.............
Written by: Chris Yahaya Nigeria
In fact, I am indeed grateful to WLC for these wonderful and inspiring books sent to me! The books are so loaded to be ignored, they are now my companions. Great thanks to WLC, You people are doing great work! God will bless you all the more.
Written by: Rey Abraham Philippines
Thanks! wonderful books...
Written by: Olugbade Olushola Adelakun Nigeria
No books to be compare with is this set of books, I really like them.
Written by: remekai zulu Zimbabwe
im really greatful for receiving the booksets. im really enjoying reading the setbooks. they are spiritually helping me.
Written by: godwin edejoro Nigeria
since i joned this program my life has turn a new leaf. i believe when the promising books arive, my faith in Him will increase. thanks in anticipation goddy
Written by: Ernest Enny Nigeria
these book are revealing
Written by: julius taniza Philippines
hi!! thank you so much for sending me a book for free, i prayed that God will blessed you more WLC. The book that i received will surely inspire me and it will help me to know more JESUS..Thankz again..
Written by: william balmores Philippines
i am patiently waiting for my book.. Thanks in advance!!!
Written by: OLUWASEUN AKINBAMI Nigeria
I am grateful to wlc
Written by: Segun Ojewunmi Nigeria
Thanks so much wlc
Written by: Emmanuel Monreal Philippines
Thanks for the wonderful books! finished reading all of them. So inspiring...
Written by: Maureen Gemarino Philippines
Thank you WLC!
Written by: Eyðun á Kósini Faroe Islands
This site really awaken me, about the way i was living. I was Saved age 12 nd baptist at the age 16.I have always had a conection too an asambly, but have anyway fallen away in many difrent ways. Thanks too you at WLC i have been encouraged me to live with the Lord until He coms. PS. have not got any books yet;-(
Written by: emeka kenneth prince Nigeria
Thank you so much WLC team for sending me the 4 books, right now i am studying the book 1 and my eyes are beginning to open to the evils of the earlier Romans and how they brought about the doctrine of error in Christianity. I am so happy to come in contact to you people and i promise to come back here to testify as soon as i finish reading the whole books. Once again i say thank you do much for sending me the 4 great books. Prince Ken from Nigeria
Written by: Ellyn Centenera Philippines
hi, thank you for sending the books to me, but i have a problem with the language sent to me, is it ok to exchange it for an english version?thanks
Written by: Rev. Okechukwu Eligwe Nigeria
wa-ooo, Its wonderful having these books, thank you very much!
Written by: c d Kyrgyzstan
thank you WLC for the four books..may god bless you all..
Written by: Frank Grossman United States
As WLC brings God into our home you WLC are blessed at your home.
Written by: Justin Nemath United States
I will find these books quite interesting.
Written by: Rev. Stanley Okeke Nigeria
Dear WLC the four set of books you to me was just timely and it has not only touched my spiritual life but also my physical life. May the Good Lord reward you greatly. Many Thanks! Rev Stanley Okeke.
Written by: A.HARNNIE SEVERINUS Malaysia
To whom it may concern....Regarding to my Testimonial...This is about my ambition few years ago..my ambition being a professional chef in industry of Hotel Catering Management.But i've problem, especially in Keeping Sabbath...For every Sunday,the Head of Human Resources management in the Hotel will give me notice,keep warning about escape on Sabbath day...So, i was angry regarding to the notice. The Human Resource manager,warned to me..IF im not working on Saturday..he will 'fire' me, meaning to say, he will kick me out from the job as a chef...I pray to God..ask for help me, solving this problem....after few months,I'd received a letter from HR Management..on that letter...the HR Management give me permission to not working on Saturday, which is on Sabbath day..From that moment, Im so happy because I can work for 6 days..but not working in Sabbath...God has answered my prayer...and got the Solution to solve that problem..Thanks God..thats all of my testimonial....its me A.Harnnie Severinus
Written by: samson Getubo Kenya
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity books , we have learned much with my fellow relatives and friends , we need more your support to earn the comming internal life . let God bless you through Jesus name amen yours faithfully samson Getubo