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...[Yahuwah is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my ...[Eloah], my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. (Psalm 18:2)

Love, Your heavenly Father

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The Creator's Calendar

  • Restoration of Yahuwah's Calendar
  • Sun, moon, & stars appointed for time-keeping
  • Most elegant & precise of all calendars
  • The Biblical calendar is luni-solar
  • Modern solar calendar is a counterfeit
  • Restoring the TRUE 7th Day Sabbath
In this video:
The Original Calendar established at Creation!
  Views: 437958 Downloads: 282045 Time: 00:08:43
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The Secret of Overcoming

  • Gaining the victory over sin and self!
  • Standing without fault before the throne
    of Yahuwah
  • Choosing to trust in the Father's love
  • Perfecting faith in Yahuwah's promises
  • "The Anointed in you, the hope of glory"

In this video:
Possessing the Faith of Yahushua!

  Views: 329402 Downloads: 31375 Time: 00:21:24
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What was Nailed to the Cross?

  • Colossians 2 - ANSWERS
  • Are Sabbaths & New Moons still binding?
  • What is the "handwriting of requirements"?
  • What does it mean to be free in Yahushua?
  • What is meant by "Let no one judge you in
    food, drink, . . . a New Moon or Sabbaths"?

In this video:
Colossians 2: What was nailed to the cross?

  Views: 151486 Downloads: 242290 Time: 00:12:21
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It is NOW Time To Leave The Cities!

  • Dire conditions in cities during 7 Trumpets
  • Cities will be ruined and deserted
  • City dwellers must be warned through visits
  • Buying & selling restrictions for His people
  • Yahuwah will provide a way out of the cities
  • Yahushua warned: "Remember Lot's wife"
In this video:
Why Yah's people are to leave the cities NOW!
  Views: 278186 Downloads: 393339 Time: 00:14:21
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Yahuwah: Name of Promise

  • יהוה
  • Yahuwah
  • Personal Name of the Creator
  • Used in Scripture more than 5,500 times
  • Plan of Salvation found in the Father's Name
  • Scripture urges ALL to call upon Yahuwah
In this video:
Claiming the Promise in Yahuwah's Holy Name!
  Views: 132412 Downloads: 109797 Time: 00:12:45
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The Secret of Salvation
"The Secret of Salvation" Words and phrases are sometimes read or heard in sermons that are not clearly understood.  Righteousness by faith is one such phrase; frequently used, but dimly und...
The Believer\'s Civil Duty: The True Meaning of Romans 13
"The Believer's Civil Duty: The True Meaning of Romans 13"Romans 13 is widely used to deceive Christians into obeying unrighteous laws and giving support to tyrannical governments.  Such interpretations, however, actually contra...


Bible Study Lessons eCourse
Bible Study Lessons eCourse
The online Bible study course provides a series of lessons on Biblical Christian doctrine. Each point of faith is proven on the basis of Bible texts. Many will be surprised to learn that the Bible does not teach the Trinity, the Atonement fi...

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