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St. Valentine's Day: Where did it come from?
Where did the custom of exchanging valentines originate? How did Christians come to inherit this ancient Roman custom? Why do we find no such practice commanded anywhere in the Bible?
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FAKE NEWS! ''Saturday is the Sabbath''

How to stop FAKE NEWS:  STUDY!  A careful study of history, Scripture, and astronomy reveals the shocking fact that Saturday is not the seventh-day Sabbath of Scripture, nor is Sunday the day of the Saviour’s resurrection.

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Date Line Deception: What it is & Why it matters! [MUST READ: SDAs]

A close examination of the International Date Line irrefutably proves that the modern weekly cycle has not cycled continuously without interruption since Creation.  To suggest otherwise is to bow to tradition and assumption - to the exclusion of the evidence. 

[This is a MUST READ for all Saturday Sabbatarians, Feast Keepers, & Seventh-Day Adventists.]

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Sabbath at Sunset? Absurd and Impossible!

Increased light in recent years has revealed that the Biblical day—and thus, the Sabbath—begins at dawn. The chronology of events covering Yahushua’s death and burial conclusively prove that the Jews of Yahushua’s day still observed the Sabbath beginning at dawn.

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When was the Moon Created? Does the Day Really Matter?
The Creator’s Calendar is based on the Moon and the Sun, as specified in Scripture.  As support for the true Calendar grows, so do the silly arguments against it.  When was the Moon actually created and how does it affect its ability to be an accurate Heavenly timepiece?  Can we honestly trust the wisdom and pattern set forth in Genesis?  Let’s find out.
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Jews & the Sabbath

A common assumption is that Saturday must be the Bible Sabbath because it is the day on which the Jews worship.  Jewish scholars themselves, however, admit that the calendar they use is not the Biblical calendar.

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Constantine I & Hillel II: Two Men Who Deceived the Whole World

One of the greatest frauds in the history of the world was perpetrated almost 1,700 years ago by the actions of two men: Constantine I & Hillel II

Have you been deceived?

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The Crucifixion: Disproving the Continuous Weekly Cycle

The "70 weeks" prophecy of Daniel 9 is one of the most remarkable prophecies in all of Scripture, as it unassailably identifies the precise years of the Saviour's baptism and crucifixion.  Sadly, many either grossly misinterpret this great prophecy or overlook its larger implications.  A close examination of Daniel's "70 weeks" irrefutably disproves the notion that the modern 7-day week has cycled continuously without interruption since Creation!

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New Moons & Translation Days

Translation days, like New Moons, have no direct correlation in the modern solar calendar.  However, it is necessary to understand what they are in order to have a clear comprehension of Yahuwah’s calendar.

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8 Days a Week? Julian Calendar History

Assumptions are dangerous – especially when they are made in the realm of religion.  If a theological belief is based upon a faulty assumption, the religious practice will be in error.  At the heart of Christendom lies a most dangerous assumption: that the modern 7-day week has been cycling continuously since Creation.  A close examination of the early Julian Calendar, however, proves the grave fallacy of this belief!

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Dispelling the Darkness: When Does a Day Begin?

The adversary has stolen the worship due the Creator by changing the calendar used to find the seventh-day Sabbath.  But that is not all he has changed.  He has even changed when a day begins!   

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The Creator's Calendar

Those desiring to show their allegiance to the Creator will worship Him on the day He has designated.  To find the correct day of worship, the luni-solar calendar established at Creation must be used.  Here you will find a brief explanation of the Creator's Calendar.

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Heaven's Holy Days

The Creator is very specific about which times are appointed for worship.  In the beginning, He created a time-keeping system, a calendar, by which His appointed times are calculated.  Do you want to pledge your allegiance to your Creator?  Join with the faithful and loyal in heaven and on earth.  Worship the Creator on His appointed times, calculated by His clock in the heavens.

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Calculating the Conjunction: No Computer? No Problem!

This article explains how to calculate the lunar-solar conjunction without the aid of a computer or modern technology.

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The Moon is Sick & Other Silly Assumptions

As sincere-hearted people turn to extra-Biblical literature searching for truth, various theories have arisen on how the true Biblical calendar works.  Many have turned to the books of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees for an explanation of the Creator's calendar.  WLC believes that our understanding of Yahuwah’s calendar should be based on the evidence contained in Scripture, rather than these other, extra-Biblical sources.

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New Moons & Manna | The Pattern in the Wilderness

Light continues to advance on the Creator's ordained method of time-keeping, the luni-solar calendar.  Today, our loving Father is restoring and testing those who profess to belong to Him to see if they will walk in His Law.  In this article, you will discover the deeper beauty of New Moons and Manna, in relation to His Calendar principles.

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Future Lunar-Solar Conjunction Dates (2013-2030)

Detailed instructions enabling you to easily find the lunar-solar conjunction times for many years to come!  

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Biblical Calendation: Reckoning the New Year

The Biblical New Year: Is it reckoned according to the ripeness of the barley in Israel? ...or is it reckoned by the Spring equinox?  Biblical Answers!  

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The Metonic Cycle Made Simple

Understanding the Metonic Cycle: Discover the beauty and consistency of the Biblical Luni-Solar Calendar through this very predictable 19-year cycle!

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New Moon Day: The Dawn After Conjunction

World's Last Chance is overjoyed to share what we sincerely believe to be advancing light on our Creator's calendar.  Since we first accepted the glorious light of Yahuwah's luni-solar calendar and its divine role in determining all of the Feast Days, including the Seventh Day Sabbath, we have in our ignorance proclaimed that New Moon Day was determined by the first visible crescent.  We now, after much prayer and study, repent of this error and would like to humbly share our conviction that New Moon Day is to be observed, beginning at dawn, on the day following the moon's conjunction with the sun. 

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