While WLC continues to uphold the observance of the Seventh-Day Sabbath, which is at the heart of Yahuwah's moral law, the 10 Commandments, we no longer believe that the annual feast days are binding upon believers today. Still, though, we humbly encourage all to set time aside to commemorate the yearly feasts with solemnity and joy, and to learn from Yahuwah’s instructions concerning their observance under the Old Covenant. Doing so will surely be a blessing to you and your home, as you study the wonderful types and shadows that point to the exaltation of Messiah Yahushua as the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, and the Lamb of Yahuwah that takes away the sins of the world.
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The Importance Of AD 70
One of the most significant yet often overlooked events in Christian history is the events surrounding AD 70.
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66 A.D. - Jerusalem's Christians Flee To Pella and the Decapolis Area!
"When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains." (Matt. 24:15-16)
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Are There ''Signs'' of the Second Coming of Christ?
Some people make predicting Yahushua's return a full-time hobby. Does Matthew 24 contain the signs needed to predict Christ’s return?
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Two Witnesses in the Scriptures (Revelation 11 Explained)
Who on earth are the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11, and how are we supposed to interpret this passage of Scripture?
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The Millennium: An Amillennial Synthesis of the Biblical Data
The amillennial position best accords with the biblical data. This conclusion is based on the overall structure of biblical eschatology and the language of Revelation 20.
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Jerusalem's many names in Revelation
Jerusalem is referenced often throughout the book of Revelation and given many apocalyptic nicknames.
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Difficult Passage: The Mark of the Beast
When we identify the beast as Nero Caesar and calculate the numerical value of his name using gematria, we see that his number is 666.
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30 Reasons Why I am an Amillennialist
Why Amillennialism?
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Yahushua Never Predicted the End of the World
The apocalyptic language that Yahushua uses to describe the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem is often misunderstood as being about the end of the world and the second coming of Christ.
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2 Thessalonians 1 Supports Amillennialism
2 Thessalonians 1 supports amillennialism because it is in tension with all the other major millennial views.
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Matthew 24: Double Fulfillment Is Not Possible
Is Matthew 24 to be fulfilled twice?
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Making Sense of Ezekiel’s Temple Vision
How are we to understand Ezekiel's temple vision?
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The Mark of The Beast Revealed
The Mark of the Beast is not a microchip, a bar code, or your credit card. The Beast was...
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Yahushua’s Return Will be Sudden and Most Unexpected
Life on Earth will be very normal when Christ suddenly returns!
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Why I’m A Partial Preterist
Partial Preterism is the view on eschatology that says that most prophecies of the Bible have already been fulfilled.
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Old Testament References in the Book of Revelation
There are over five hundred references to the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation!
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The Number One Key to Reading Revelation
There’s an old cliché that goes something like, “You get out what you put in,” and it’s no different with our study of the Bible.
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The Case for the Preterist Reading of Matthew 24
In this paper, I will make a case that the things Yahushua prophesied in Matthew 24-25 are not prophesies of things to occur in our future, but rather, these things were fulfilled from 64 A.D to 70 A.D.
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The Case for Nero Caesar being the Beast of Revelation
What if The Beast isn’t a future yet-to-come figure at all? What if he was a first-century beast who already came and went?
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Ten Reasons to believe Revelation was written before 70 AD
Here are 10 reasons we can confidently accept the early date of Revelation, rather than the later date.
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