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My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips. (Psalm 89:34)

Love, Your heavenly Father

Prayer Requests


Resurrection: Easter? or First Fruits?

  • Is Easter a Biblical celebration?
  • Was the Saviour truly resurrected on
    Easter Sunday?
  • Did the apostles celebrate Easter?
  • Why do most professed Christians today
    worship on Sunday?

In this video:
Examination of Easter & its deceptive significance!

  Views: 32505 Downloads: 32595 Time: 00:13:53
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The Abomination of Desolation

  • The "Abomination of Desolation" spoken
    of by Daniel the prophet
  • Grave danger to Yahuwah's people!
  • Signs to precede Yahushua's 2nd Coming
  • A most urgent warning that Yah's faithful
    in these last days must understand!

In this video:
A Biblical Examination... Abomination of Desolation!

  Views: 19781 Downloads: 4858 Time: 00:19:18
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Prophet to the Remnant

  • Preparing daily to enter the Heavenly
    Promised Land
  • "These are they which follow the Lamb
    wherever He goes." (Revelation 14:4)
  • An identifying hallmark of the remnant
  • All have a responsibility to study!

In this video:
Spirit of Prophecy: Heaven's Gift to the Remnant!

  Views: 4932 Downloads: 1173 Time: 00:17:31
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Talking to the Dead

  • Is there consciousness after death?
  • Can the dead see us? ...and hear us?
  • Can the dead communicate with us?
  • Does the soul truly die with the body?
  • Séances, trances, Ouija boards & mediums
  • Demons, devils, & fallen angels

In this video:
The Bible Truth about talking to the dead!

  Views: 32557 Downloads: 32392 Time: 00:10:31
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Call Upon His Name!

  • יהוה
  • "I AM that I AM"
  • The Creator's Sacred Name
  • "LORD" is not His Name
  • "God" is not His Name
  • The Creator urges ALL to call upon His Name
In this video:
Discover the Heavenly Father's Sacred Name!
  Views: 713779 Downloads: 480996 Time: 00:10:15
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Bible Study Lessons eCourse
Bible Study Lessons eCourse
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