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The Love Covenants

Millions of sincere Christians today are deceived into thinking that under the "New Covenant," they no longer need to keep Yahuwah's Commandments.  Many are taught that the divine law was somehow "nailed to the cross" and is no longer binding.  This belief, however, cannot be substantiated by Scripture.  The terms of the New Covenant are the same as the terms of the Old Covenant: Obey and Live; Disobey and Die.

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The Case for the 10 Commandments

Imagine a world without law.  Would there be justice?  What if there was no penalty for breaking the law?  Would you be at peace?  Would you be happy in that kind of world?

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Patience of the Saints

Miss Wagner was worried. Pamela Forsythe had not been picked up. Where was her mother?  Pushing back worst-case-scenarios from her mind, she tried to stay calm for little Pamela as the minutes turned into hours.  But little Pamela had a big lesson to teach Miss Wagner about faith, trust, and patience.  Find out what it was! 

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Rest in Peace | What happens after death?

Death is the portion of every man, because every man has sinned.  The Creator, whose loving heart never intended for His children to suffer under sin, has removed all doubt as to what happens at death.  

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The Living Bible

An honest examination of the Bible & its extraordinary claims.  An excellent apologetic for those wishing to share the wondrous light of Yahuwah's Living Word!

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The Secret of Overcoming: Possessing the Faith of Yahushua

Overcoming sin on your own is an exercise in futility.  Yet, when one chooses to put their faith in the Blessed Saviour, Yahushua, and believe in Him the true power for overcoming all sin is abundantly and readily available.

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The Weight of Evidence

When a person has been raised believing error, the search for truth can be very confusing.  Truth, no matter how pure, can feel wrong emotionally, when it contradicts a person’s core beliefs.  Yahuwah has left none to struggle alone.  He has provided in His Word a standard by which anyone can discern what is truth and what is error.  This rule is to use the combined weight of evidence.  

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Yahushua: His Life for Mine

The fact that Yahushua was tempted “in all points like as we are, yet without sin” gives everyone encouragement that we may also overcome in the same manner in which the Saviour did.  The secret to Yahushua’s consistent triumph in the battle over sin and Satan was found in His equally consistent reliance upon His Father’s strength.  He exercised no power that it is not our privilege to exercise as well, by faith in Him.  

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The Sabbath | Part 4 - Solitary Worship

Scripture presents a very special group of people who honor their Creator by worshipping on His holy Sabbath when all the rest of the world rejects it.  As soon as obedience is rendered on this point, however, each must stand alone, as this is extremely unpopular with priests, pastors, friends, and family alike.  All who reject the obligation to worship the Creator on His Sabbath will rise up against those who seek to obey.  Such it has ever been between those who serve Yahuwah and those who serve Him not.

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The Sabbath | Part 3 - The Seal of Yahuwah

Revelation offers details of both the destruction and the deliverance that occurs at the end of the world.  The “terms of engagement” in the war between Yahuwah and Satan guarantee the protection of those who have the divine seal and the destruction of those who do not.

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The Sabbath | Part 2 - Eternal & Forever

The seventh-day Sabbath, as part of the divine law, is binding upon all peoples throughout all time.  Of all the commandments, no other commandment is broken so frequently and with such boldness as the fourth commandment.  

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The Sabbath | Part 1 - Revealing Yahuwah's Character

The Law of Yahuwah is a perfect transcript of His character, His innermost thoughts and feelings.  Yahuwah’s Law is perpetual and unchanging.  It will stand forever.

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The Second Coming | Part 1 - The Triumphant Reunion

The warfare between good and evil will reach its triumphant conclusion in the return of Yahushua.  Since the fall of mankind, Yahushua’s coming in glory has been the focus of every longing heart.  No words can describe the scene.  No pen can capture the joy of that hour.

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Yahushua: Our Great High Priest

The infinite wisdom and limitless love of Yahuwah devised a plan whereby sinful, fallen man could be restored to divine favor.  This plan embraced far more than the legal redemption of mankind from the control of Satan.  It also called for the restoration of the divine character within the human soul.  It is this work that Yahushua, our great High Priest, is engaged in right now.  

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The Secret of Salvation

 Words and phrases are sometimes read or heard in sermons that are not clearly understood.  Righteousness by faith is one such phrase; frequently used, but dimly understood.  It is very important that all who desire to live eternally with Yahuwah have a clear understanding of precisely what “righteousness by faith” is, because it is the only way anyone shall be saved!

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Yahushua’s Righteousness: Only Hope for Sinners

Righteousness by faith, fully accepted and understood, is living without sin. When the blood of Yahushua is accepted by faith, one is crucified with Him, by faith. Then, just as He was resurrected to life, the believing soul is resurrected to walk in newness of life. This is done by faith in His righteousness. It is much more than an intellectual understanding of the mind. It is an experience. And it is our only hope.

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The Gospel | From Sin to Salvation!

It was to save mankind from the consequences of sin, that Yahuwah and His Son joined in a holy covenant to save mankind at any cost to Themselves.  Discover the ineffable beauty of the Heavenly Father’s heart of perfect love!  Choose this day to wholly commit yourself to His care.  He will receive you as His son, His daughter and remake you in His own image.

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Obtaining Yahuwah's Righteousness

How to Obtain Yahuwah's Righteousness: A Biblical examination of the Gospel message and what it truly means to "walk by faith."

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Yahuwah's Feasts: Perpetually Binding

The annual feast days of Yahuwah, like the seventh-day Sabbath, are to be observed throughout time and eternity.  The sign between Yahuwah and His people is the keeping of all of the divine law, which includes the annual festivals.  Honor your Creator by worshipping Him on ALL of His appointed times: weekly and annual worship days.  Stand for the truth and, by your example of obedience, show forth the praises of your Redeemer.

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Salvation | The Importance of Obedience
Most of the world is caught up in two false doctrines. The one denies that obedience has any role to play in our salvation. The other claims that we can save ourselves by our own efforts in well-doing. The importance of obedience to salvation is best described in the epistle of Paul to the Romans, who speaks of obedience in five passages: obedience of faith as the call of Yahushua, the obedience of Yahushua reckoned to the believer, the love of Yahushua giving the believer power to obey, the spirit of obedience bringing unity to believers, and the obedience of faith as the power of Yahuwah to establish believers in the gospel.
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