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The Resurrection: Easter? or First Fruits?

Because the Bible is clear that Yahushua was resurrected on the first day of the week, and since Sunday is the first day of the modern week, the assumption that Yahushua was resurrected on Sunday seems conclusive.  However, the modern calendar was not used by the Israelites of Yahushua’s time.  All who worship on Sunday in honor of “Easter Sunday” as the day of the Saviour’s resurrection are honoring a Roman Catholic institution which itself is based upon ancient pagan fertility celebrations.

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New Moon Day: Gift of the Creator

New Moon Day is the gift of Yahuwah.  The faithful in these last days will uphold the sanctity of this special day.  Scripture declares that New Moon Day will be observed by the redeemed throughout eternity in the New Earth. Untold joys await those who seek fellowship with Him in whom all the fullness of Life dwells!

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New Moons, Sabbaths, & the Gregorian Calendar

The modern Gregorian calendar cannot be used to calculate the true seventh-day Sabbath because it lacks one very vital feature of Biblical time-measurement: lunar months.  The Creator’s calendar begins each month with the New Moon.  Because the weekly cycle restarts with every New Moon, it appears that the Sabbath “floats” through the Gregorian week.  In reality, it is the Gregorian months that float through the very consistent format of the lunar months.

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Easter | Pagan Passover

Modern Easter has no basis in the pure religion of Heaven.  All of its traditions are pagan.  Celebration of Easter does not honor the death and resurrection of the Saviour and no amount of renaming it by Christian names can purify Easter of its pagan origins.  Easter, however, is much more than a pagan imposter pretending to be Christian.  Lurking behind the pretty facade, Easter is a cover-up for the greatest fraud of all time: a calendar change which hides the true day of the resurrection and the true seventh-day Sabbath! 

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Christmas: Origin, History, & Traditions

"Holiday."  For most people, the word is applied to one celebration in particular . . . Christmas!  Despite all the commercial trappings of the modern celebration, Christmas remains, at heart, a religious festival.  It is a time when a deity is remembered and honored.  Many sincere Christians often speak of putting the Christ back into Christmas.  The problem is, Yahushua the Saviour was never "in" Christmas to begin with!  To discover the god being honored at Christmas, it is necessary to trace its pagan origins. 

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International Date Line Change: The Sabbath Unchanged?

The modern weekly cycle has no ties to anything in nature.  Because of this, problems arise that do not exist in the Luni-Solar calendar of Creation: specifically, the need for an arbitrary International Date Line.  A continuous weekly cycle, anchored to nothing in nature, is a man-made institution.  The International Date Line is simply a man-made solution to what is nothing more than a man-made problem.  

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Lunar Sabbath | The Defense - Part 3

In recent years, the knowledge of the Creator's calendar and the seventh-day Sabbath calculated by that calendar, has grown and spread.  Various objections have been raised against this truth.  However, when these objections are carefully analyzed in the light shining from Scripture and the historical record, the facts support that the true Biblical Sabbath can only be found by using the luni-solar calendar of Creation.  This article answers 9 common objections raised against the Biblical Lunar Sabbath.

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Lunar Sabbath | The Defense - Part 2

In the bewildering tumult of many opposing ideas, different claims against the Biblical lunar Sabbath have been made.  Most of these are due simply to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the truth.  Everyone has inherited errors and traditions handed down from paganized Christianity.  However, Scripture reveals its secrets to every Searcher for Truth.  None need remain in confusion and error. This article answers 7 common objections raised against the Biblical Lunar Sabbath.

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Lunar Sabbath | The Defense - Part 1

In recent years, increasing light on the Sabbath has revealed a long-forgotten truth:  the fact that the Biblical seventh-day Sabbath cannot be found using a pagan calendar.  Only by using the ancient Hebrew calendar, the calendar of Creation, can the true Sabbath be found.  Various objections to this new and very startling truth have been raised.  This article answers 10 common objections raised against the Biblical Lunar Sabbath.

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The Last Supper: Passover? or Not?
The assumption that the Last Supper was the Passover meal has led to confusion.  Scripture reveals the beautiful harmony of symbols in that the Last Supper was not the Passover, but an ordinary meal ordained with new symbols.
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Pentecost | Calculation Restoration
The Count to Pentecost, or more accurately addressed as “the Feast of Weeks”, is a calculation that most take for granted.  World’s Last Chance, after many hours of prayerful study, has reached the conclusion that the “popular method” for finding the day is in error!  Please join us, as we journey into a deeper understanding of the Feast of Weeks and how to find it.
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The Passover Puzzle
The Passover puzzle has confused many people.  Three of the gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, appear to give a date for the Last Supper that is different than the timing given in the Gospel of John.  In this as in every other puzzle, Scripture provides the solution!  When the various texts are carefully examined, proof emerges that all four gospels are, in fact, in agreement with each other.
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Lunar Sabbath
Many people who desire to worship on the seventh-day Sabbath, worship on Saturday because it is the seventh day of the modern week. Now, a growing number of people believe that the true seventh-day Sabbath of Scripture is a lunar Sabbath that must be calculated by the ancient lunar-solar calendar. Careful examination of the evidence is necessary for all who desire to worship on the Creator's seventh-day Sabbath. All must study and choose for themselves: Saturday Sabbath? Or Lunar Sabbath?
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The Fall Feasts

Come ye who love Yahuwah, and let His name be praised. Come to His Feast, all is ready. Have your sins forgiven at Day of Atonement and join fellow believers around the world in giving gratitude to Yahuwah, your Covenant Keeper for His abundant blessings. Learn what it can mean and how to fully participate in a true Thanksgiving.

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Celebrating the Spring Anniversaries

Many people assume that the "feasts" were given only to the Israelites. However, these sacred times are holy anniversaries. On these days of remembrance, important events in the plan of salvation can be remembered, meditated upon and Yahuwah's love gratefully acknowledged. This article shares ideas on ways to observe these holy days in a meaningful way.

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A 13th Month?? The Divine Precision of the Luni-Solar Calendar

Most people laugh at the idea of a 13th month in the year.  However, the Biblical calendar indeed has a 13th month every few years.  The Gregorian calendar intercalates a "leap" day once every 4 years.  The Biblical calendar intercalates on "embolismic" month every few years.  Learn the truth of the real 13th month.

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The Seventh Day Sabbath: Repairing The Breach

Scripture foretells the triumphant work of the final generation: to repair the breach, or hole, made in Yahuwah's law when the Sabbath was changed. This is the glorious destiny to which Heaven is inviting you today.

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Warning! An End Time Message

Carefully preserved in scripture is Heaven's final warning to the inhabitants of Earth. It is a message of mercy, cautioning those who live in these last days against using a pagan calendar to worship the Creator. Those who heed the warning will receive the seal of Yahuwah. Those who ignore the warning, receive the mark of the beast.

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Armageddon: The Battle Over Worship

Endless speculation has arisen over the Battle of Armageddon.  What is it?  When is it?  Countless theories have erred because it has not been understood that the true cosmic conflict spanning the millennia is over worship.  The Battle of Armageddon is but the final campaign in the long-running warfare which started when Lucifer boasted that he would sit on the Mount of the Congregation, Mount Mo’edim.  Read this article and discover the thrilling promise held in reserve for the final generation, those who will be the repairers of the breach - those who restore the calendar by which the true Sabbath of the fourth commandment is calculated.

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Babylonian Mysteries: The Hidden God

The most astonishing and shocking information is unveiled when the identity of the Hidden god is revealed. You will never look at Sunday or Saturday again in the same way when you have read this article.

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