Heads-Up Raoul Pal, a world-renowned macro-economist, is not a student of the Bible. However, unbeknown to him, he provides in this video of a most likely scenario of how Rome will use the central banks to enforce the dreadful mark of the beast everywhere. This is not the time for His people to become complacent. We should be ready for the imminent unfolding of final events, and we should also pray for the acceleration of these events, so that this evil age will come to an end, to usher the way for the return of Christ to establish Yahuwah’s eternal kingdom on earth. Click here to watch the video.

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Once Saved, Always Saved?

"Once Saved, Always Saved?"  Millions of Christians today teach that the redeemed have "eternal security," and that once someone has been saved, they will always be saved.  Sadly, this unbiblical doctrine is lulling many to sleep and leading them into a false sense of security.

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Predestination: A Divine Lottery?

While those who believe in predestination are undoubtedly sincere in their belief, this doctrine is dangerous because it misrepresents and distorts the loving character of Yahuwah.  This article will discuss the various components of the doctrine of predestination and explain how these beliefs contradict Scripture.

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Eternal Fire Exists!

Scripture does teach that there is an eternal fire, but it's not what you think!

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Paid in Full

A Biblical examination of the rite of circumcision and why it is no longer required of Yahuwah's faithful.

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Did the Roman Catholic Church Really Give Us the Bible?

A growing number of honest-hearted truth seekers are stumbling over a startling allegation: the claim that the Roman Catholic Church is responsible for providing the world with the Bible as we now know it.  Did the Roman Catholic Church really give us the Bible? Read more to find out what history clearly reveals!

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What was Nailed to the Cross? An Examination of Colossians 2

What was Nailed to the Cross?  An examination of one of the most commonly misunderstood chapters in all of the Bible: Colossians 2

"Therefore let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths, which are a shadow of things to come, but the substance is of the Anointed."  (Colossians 2:16-17)

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Paul, Romans & the Sabbath

Romans 14 is one of the most commonly misinterpreted chapters in all of the new testament.  Paul's words here have often been twisted to suggest that Yahuwah's Sabbaths and feast days are no longer relevant to Christians today, and that all are free to choose on which day, if any, they rest from their labors and worship the Creator.  However, a careful study of the context of this chapter reveals the error of this idea.  Paul always kept the feasts and the seventh-day Sabbath and he taught his converts to do the same!

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The Secret Rapture: Satan’s Secret Weapon

One of Satan’s most successful lies has been that there will be a second chance given to sinners after Yahushua’s Second Coming.  This very popular belief, referred to as the “Rapture,” teaches that Yahushua will return secretly, taking His people from the earth.  Sadly, this unBiblical doctrine is becoming increasingly popular among professed Christians.

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Paul & the Galatians

Many today are confused by the Book of Galatians.  Both Sunday-keepers and Saturday-keepers use texts found in Galatians to "prove" that some or all of Yahuwah's appointed times have been nailed to the cross and are no longer binding on Christians today.  An examination of the issues involved, however, reveals something entirely different.

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Talking to the Dead: Talking to Demons

Most of the world's religions teach that the soul does not die with the body.  This belief, however, opens the door for demonic deceptions.  When you believe that the dead still have a conscious soul and can communicate with the living, it allows demons to impersonate the deceased and communicate directly with you!

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Yahushua’s Death: Abolishing the Law?

Scripture teaches that the divine law is perpetual.  It is always to be kept, both in Heaven and on Earth.  Any Bible text that is used to “prove” the law was nailed to the cross is twisting Scripture to support Satan’s agenda of leading all to break Yahuwah's Commandments.  Ephesians 2:15 is a popular text used to support the erroneous assertion that the divine law was abolished by Yahushua's death.

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Speaking in Tongues

Yahuwah has bestowed rich gifts upon His people on earth.  One of the most intriguing, yet least understood Heaven-bestowed gifts is that of speaking in tongues.  This article examines what it truly means to "speak in tongues" according to Scripture.

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Hell: You've Got it All Wrong, Beloved!

The doctrine of an eternally burning hell has caused more heartache, more confusion, and led to more people rejecting Yahuwah than possibly any other belief.  This article examines the Bible truth about hell.

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Yahuwah’s Feasts: Kept by Apostles

It is widely believed and taught that the annual feasts listed in Scripture were given only to the Jews or were somehow “nailed to the cross.”  Such a belief is based on a misunderstanding of the divine law.  Yahushua, as our Saviour, perfectly kept the divine law, including the annual feasts.  As His followers, we are admonished to follow His example, just as the apostles and early Christians did.

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Paul: False Prophet? Or True Apostle?

One wind of doctrine that has been growing in strength in these last days is the belief that Paul was a false apostle.  This article examines the dangers of embracing such a fallacy.

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Jerusalem: Key to End of Days?

Jerusalem is central to the apocalyptic expectations of the world's three great monotheistic religions.  Muslims, Jews and both Catholics and Evangelical Protestants all want their own theocratic dictatorship, ruling from this ancient site.  This widely-held belief is one of Satan's most deceptive end-time delusions.  Read this article and be warned against this apocalyptic error.

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Spiritualism and the Reward of the Saints
Spiritualism has taken over the world by storm. Few believe in material reality today, and vast crowds are following occult practices based on the illusion that the human soul is naturally immortal and the dead see and communicate with the living. Does this matter? Is it merely a fascinating game, a comfort for loss, or is there a fatal surprise around the corner? This article answers those questions, and gives a firm basis for real hope.
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