Heads-Up Raoul Pal, a world-renowned macro-economist, is not a student of the Bible. However, unbeknown to him, he provides in this video of a most likely scenario of how Rome will use the central banks to enforce the dreadful mark of the beast everywhere. This is not the time for His people to become complacent. We should be ready for the imminent unfolding of final events, and we should also pray for the acceleration of these events, so that this evil age will come to an end, to usher the way for the return of Christ to establish Yahuwah’s eternal kingdom on earth. Click here to watch the video.

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Removing the Deadly Leaven: The Pharisee in us All

Remove the deadly leaven!  There is a Pharisee in us ALL.

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Praying for Others

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."  The promise is as available today as it was when it was first spoken.  Dive into this timely article to strengthen your prayer life, for yourself and for others!


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Prayer: Breath of the Soul

“Prayer is the breath of the soul. It is the secret of spiritual power. No other means of grace can be substituted and the health of the soul be preserved. Prayer brings the heart into immediate contact with the Well-spring of life, and strengthens the sinew and muscle of the religious experience."
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Wine is a Mocker | Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

The consumption of alcohol is an area that has caused confusion for many Christians.  Because the Bible refers to wine-drinking by various righteous people who loved and served Yahuwah, the question is asked, is this something Yahuwah’s people can do without sin?

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Match Made in Heaven

All who wish to honor Yahuwah in their lives and their marriage will set aside the false standards of worldly dating and choose a mate in a way that honors their Maker.  This article examines five crucial steps a person must take in finding a spouse that will have Heaven’s blessing.

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The Addiction of Masturbation

Of the many ways Satan seeks to corrupt the soul is sexual impurity.  Adultery, fornication, and pornography are widely acknowledged sins that corrupt the mind and open the floodgates to ever more of Satan’s temptations.  However, there is another area that also brings the soul under Satan’s control.  It is not discussed as frequently due to discomfort of the topic.  That area is masturbation.

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Pornography: Soul Destroying Vice

The root of every sinful act is always found in some sinful tendency, cherished in the heart.  One sin that is rapidly reaching pandemic proportions across all age categories, among married couples and singles alike, is that of pornography.  Those who indulge in pornography travel on a road that will eventually end in the total ruin of their souls.  

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Adornment and the Christian

It is natural for the mind of man, originally created in his Maker’s image, to enjoy and desire beauty.  One of the most common areas in which people focus their desire for beauty is in personal adornment.  To seek to draw attention to one’s appearance is to fall prey to PRIDE, the sin for which Lucifer fell.  The faithful, in these last days, will lay aside everything that distracts or misrepresents the purity of heaven.

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Appetite: Key to Success or Failure

The only way for Yahuwah to communicate with the soul is through the mind.  Thus, anything that beclouds the mind or numbs the senses must be avoided at all costs.  All who are seeking righteousness will find that returning to a very simple diet, free of strong spices, sugars, fats, additives and preservatives will be a tremendous blessing in the battle to overcome sin. 

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Home School: Educating for Heaven

The importance of early childhood education cannot be over-emphasized.  It is a serious responsibility to bring a child into the world.  All who choose to do so have a solemn duty before Yahuwah to train the child, to mold his character, to be a fit citizen for the kingdom of Heaven.  

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Movies: Satanic Mind Control

The battle for the human soul begins as a battle for the mind.  A person’s thoughts influence his emotions and the thoughts and feelings combined make up the character.  If the thoughts are impure, Satan has already won the battle for the soul.  One of Satan’s most effective tools in corrupting the soul is found in movies and television.  

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Leisure & the Gift of Time

Yahuwah is a most generous Father.  Most of His gifts go unrecognized and unacknowledged by His earthly children who take them for granted.  But all should remember that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.”  (James 1:17) One gift that is overlooked perhaps more than any other is the gift of time.

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Competition: the Spirit of War

Satan reserves his most subtle temptations for those who know better than to engage in the more obvious sins.  One area Satan has very successfully used to ensnare many unawares is sports.  Competition originated in the heart of Lucifer himself when he coveted Yahushua’s position in the heavenly courts.  This struggle to be the best, to be #1, to be the winner, is the spirit of competition and the spirit of competition is the spirit of war.  

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Church of the Called Out Ones

Scripture is clear.  The remnant “church” is not the last organized denomination.  Rather, they are the final remnant of Called Out Ones.  They are called out from all denominations.  Scripture presents the final generation as having the final separation from Babylon, her churches, and from all false doctrines and practices.  

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Yah’s Love for Homosexuals

Sadly, many who take the name “Christian,” often condemn others whose sins differ from their own, supposedly lesser sins. Nowhere else is this sad truth demonstrated so clearly as in the subject of homosexuality. Scripture is clear, though; homosexuality is a sin, and no sinner, regardless of what the precise sin is, shall enter Heaven. Homosexuality, as with all other sin, must be surrendered to Yahushua if one would inherit eternal life.

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Faith is the Victory!

All who accept the true Sabbath will be faced with problems that are humanly unsolvable.  Yahuwah allows such trials so that His children will seek Him.  It is only when insurmountable problems are solved by a covenant-keeping Eloah that a person's faith is strengthened and FAITH is the greatest need of Yah's children today.

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The Great & Precious Promises

In these closing days of earth’s history, the real cost of obtaining eternal life is now glaringly apparent.  Gaining Heaven will require giving up everything.  New situations will arise that will call for more than human wisdom.  In this, as in every other situation, Yahuwah has provided a solution for every problem.  The word of Yahuwah contains the power to do what it says.  Therefore, claim His promises!  They are His gift to you.  You can safely rest all upon the promises because they are the Word of Yah and they contain the power to do what they say!  

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The Single Life: The Secrets of Fulfillment

Many singles long for marriage, believing their lives will be complete only when they have a life partner.  Learn the secrets to living a complete, fulfilled life - even while single.  

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The Mathematics of Marriage

Yahuwah's purpose for marriage is that the couple become "one flesh."  Learn the various methods used by couples to become "one," and why only one method can achieve the desired "oneness."  

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This Day With Yahuwah

Daily surrender is the secret to a strong and lasting, joyous and intimate relationship with Yahuwah.  Learn the secrets of daily surrender and enter into the joy of walking with Yah!  

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